Unturned – How to Make a Basic 3×3 House

This is how to build a basic house in Unturned.

Guide to Make a Basic 3×3 House


Here is how to build a house basic in Unturned.


This is how to build a basic 3×3 house in Unturned.

First find a nice flat spot to build.

Now get something to cut down trees with like an axe and then get a saw, you will need the saw latter.

Now you need to cut down trees to get the wood, When you cut trees you will get sticks and logs, you only need the logs.

You will need to have 114 logs but you dont need them all at once

Now you can start building:

First use the logs to make 9 floors and place them in a 3×3 square.

Then make 12 pillars and place them in on the borders of the floors.

Now make 11 walls and place then in between the pillars but don’t place a wall where you want the entrance to be.

Make a doorway and place it in the empty spot.

Now make 12 roofs and place them.

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