V Rising – 100% Full Achievement / Trophy Guide

Here is a complete guide that may help you to get all of the achievements/trophies in the V Rising game.

How to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies


Lord of the Land

  • Place a Castle Heart and claim an unoccupied territory.
  • Find an unoccupied territory and build the Castle Heart.

A Vampire with a Hobby

  • Plant a seed in a planter.
  • Get seeds from harvesting plants, enemies, containers or merchants. Build a crop planter and use the seed on it.

Symphony of the Night

  • Interact with a music box.
  • Complete “Broaden Horizons” quest to unlock music box recipe. Build and interact with it.

Vampire Rising

  • Place a staircase.
  • Defeat Quincey the Bandit King to unlock ability to build stairs. Build a staircase.

Work Smart, Not Hard

  • Interact with a workstation that has the room and floor bonus active.
  • Build stone walls to make a castle room. Defeat bosses to unlock special floors. Put workstations inside room with special floors.

Blood Donor

  • Extract blood from a prisoner.
  • Defeat bosses to unlock prison cells and dominate ability. Subdue an enemy, put them in cell, extract blood.

A Weapon From a More Civilized Age

  • Reforge a shattered weapon at the Ancestral Forge.
  • Defeat multiple bosses to unlock forge, alloys, and get shattered weapon. Upgrade a weapon, combine with shattered one at forge.

Combat Normal Difficulty

A First Taste

  • Feed from a living creature.
  • Weaken an enemy and use “Feed” option when it appears.

First of Many

  • Drink the blood of a V Blood.
  • Defeat and drink blood of Alpha the White Wolf.

Ultimate Power

  • Cast an ultimate ability.
  • Defeat bosses to unlock high tier spells, then cast one.


  • Participate in closing a rift to Shadow Realm.
  • Build Eye of Mortium, then fight rift incursion event.

Completed Act 1

  • Defeat Quincey the Bandit King and complete Act I.
  • Defeat and drink blood of Quincey.

Completed Act 2

  • Defeat Octavian the Militia Leader and complete Act II.
  • Defeat and drink blood of Octavian.

Completed Act 3

  • Defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith and complete Act III.
  • Defeat and drink blood of Cyril.

Completed Act 4

  • Defeat Solarus the Immaculate and complete Act IV.
  • Defeat and drink blood of Solarus.

Slayer of the Immortal King

  • Defeat Dracula, the Immortal King.
  • Craft Blood Key, go to Dracula’s lair, defeat him.

Master of All

  • Defeat and drink the blood of every V Blood.
  • Find, fight, defeat and drink blood of all bosses.

Combat Brutal Difficulty

Note: Same conditions, just notes game must be on Brutal difficulty


Collector of Forgotten Lore I

  • Interact with a Research Desk that has all technologies unlocked.
  • Unlock Research Desk, find/craft enough papers to unlock all techs, interact with it.

Collector of Forgotten Lore II

  • Interact with a Study that has all technologies unlocked.
  • Unlock Study, find/craft enough scrolls to unlock all techs, interact with it.

Collector of Forgotten Lore III

  • Interact with an Anatheum that has all technologies unlocked.
  • Unlock Anatheum, find/craft enough schematics to unlock all techs, interact with it.


Exquisite Blood

  • Drink blood from a 100% blood quality source.
  • Find an NPC with 100% blood quality (red cloud), weaken them, charm and capture instead of killing.

An Eye for Quality

  • Successfully charm a human that has 100% blood quality.
  • Same as above, focus on charming the 100% blood quality NPC.

A Perfect Test Subject

  • Feed a prisoner with Irradiant Gruel and have them reach 100% blood quality.
  • Get 99% blood quality prisoner, feed them Irradiant Gruel hoping it increases to 100% without mutating.

To set up, defeat Vincent the Frostbringer to unlock prison cells, and Angram the Purifier for Irradiant Gruel. Build many prison cells and make gruel. Find an NPC with 99% blood purity (red cloud), weaken and charm them into a prisoner.

Feed the 99% purity prisoner gruel. It has a 65% chance to increase blood quality 1-2%, but 35% chance to mutate and kill the prisoner. With 99% purity, there’s a 65% chance the gruel increases it to 100%.

This achievement relies on RNG. Have enough prisoners and hopefully one reaches 100% purity without mutating to unlock it.


A Whole New World

  • Venture into the Farbane Woods area.
  • Exit the tutorial graveyard.

The map

A Fox in the Hen House

  • Venture into the Dunley Farmlands area.
  • Take paths from Farbane Woods to Dunley Farmlands.

The map

Footsteps in the Snow

  • Venture into the Hallowed Mountains area.
  • Enter from Farbane Woods or northern pass.

The map

The Forgotten Reaches

  • Venture into the Ruins of Mortium area.
  • Enter from Dunley Farmlands, Cursed Forest or Hallowed Mountains.

The map

Don’t Drink the Water / March of the Machines

  • Venture into Gloomrot South / Gloomrot North areas.
  • Enter South from Dunley Farmlands, then North from South.

The map

Forbidden Footsteps

  • Venture into the Cursed Forest area.
  • Enter from Dunley Farmlands, Mortium or Gloomrot South.

The map

Godless Intrusion

  • Venture into the Silverlight area.
  • Enter from Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands or Gloomrot North.

The map

Every Corner of the World

  • Venture to all major regions.
  • Visit each of the 8 major areas.

Instant Gratification

  • Teleport using a Vampire Waygate.
  • Use any Waygate after leaving tutorial area.

Upon a Pale Horse

  • Ride a horse.
  • Mount any horse found in areas like Dunley Farmlands.


A Creature of Many Forms

  • Use shapeshifting powers.
  • Transform into any form like wolf, rat, bear etc.

The Allure of Coin

  • Trade with Shady Merchant in Farbane Woods.
  • Buy any item from Shady Merchant camps.

Master of Disguise

  • Trade as a human form.
  • Use human form power, buy from any merchant.

It’s a Tight Squeeze

  • Use Rat Form and go through small hole.
  • Get rat form, go to Silver Mine rat hole.

To the Skies

  • Find a way to fly.
  • Unlock bat form, use it to fly.

Dressed to Impress

  • Equip cosmetic item slot.
  • Equip armor/cape, put different one in cosmetic slot.

Gone Fishing

  • Catch a fish with fishing rod.
  • Craft rod, cast at bubbling water, reel in fish.

Larger Pockets!

  • Equip a bag.
  • Equip any bag item.

Your Number One Fan

  • Fully equip a servant.
  • Convert human to servant, give them full gear.

Oh No!

  • Eat the wrong mushroom.
  • Consume a Trippy Shroom found in caves.
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  1. I just stopped here to see if anyone knew anything regarding the “Master of all” achievement. I have, however, currently slain every last V Blood between the two characters. Half in a PvE server, the other half in a single-player environment. In the end, it hasn’t been unlocked yet.

  2. Strategy to get the “A Perfect Test Subject” achievement without relying on RNG:

    1. Make a backup of your save file (which is actually a directory).

    2. Feed a prisoner and see if they turn into a mutant.
    -If they turn into a mutant, restore the backup save file and try again.
    -If they don’t turn into a mutant, create a new backup of your save file.

    3. Repeat step 2 until the prisoner’s blood quality reaches 100%.

    4. Important: Always exit to the main menu before creating a backup of your save file.

  3. If you’re lucky enough to make a 100%-er at home from a 90-something with the gruel, you can obtain the “charm a 100% human” by charming a human you’ve leveled to 100% in your prison cells and using subdue on him. For the record, this is somewhat less RNG than finding a 100%-er in the wild.

    • It’s actually quite clever, that. Finding even a 90+ has an extremely low RNG factor, and challenging them to a 100 even lowers it, but it’s an excellent way to accomplish three goals at once.

  4. You do not have to start on brutal in order to obtain the accomplishments for the brutal difficulty. I played through the first eight monsters or so on ‘normal’ level on my server before realizing there were some bosses that are exclusive to brutal. Changed to brutal, and the achievement still popped when I killed Quincey.

  5. Even with altered settings, it is still possible to obtain the harsh accomplishments. For example, I was able to obtain the brutal achievements while hosting privately for cooperative play, setting the server to harsh and reducing the bosses’ health boost. The developers also said that shouldn’t be a problem in a different article, although I have only personally tried it with the Act 1 Boss.

  6. Is Master of All causing problems for anyone else? I’ve fed on and killed every boss, but it didn’t pop. Any suggestions on what I might be doing incorrectly? or is there anyone else that has the bug?

    • It worked fine for me, but I also played single player, so I’m not sure whether there are any flaws unique to multiplayer that would keep it from happening.

      • I saw your reply and appreciate it. It appears that I missed the kill on one of them, and I believe that’s what cost me the achievement because it states to kill and feed on them. I quickly went over it again and understood it.

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