V Rising – How the Blood Pool Works

How the Blood Pool Works

You are what you eat, as the saying goes, and this is true in V Rising, since dining on hostile, alive humanoids and creatures with low health will give you the same Blood Type and Blood Quality. If you feed on a Brute, for example, you’ll adopt their Blood Type as well as their stated Blood Quality, which is indicated as a percentage next to their name when eating.

The higher your Blood Quality, the better the bonus increases you’ll get — hovering over the Blood Pool will reveal a complete list of all stat benefits. It’s worth mentioning that, despite feeding on many humanoids with the same Blood Type, your Blood Quality will not stack and will instead be replaced by the most recent quality of blood you’re feeding on.

It’s also vital to remember that in order for a feed to be successful, you must let the feed bar fill completely, as pushing the Left Mouse Button while feeding would instantly murder your victim, preventing you from receiving blood or changing your current blood type/quality.

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