Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Walkthrough: Giants in the Hills / The Forsaken Colony

Obtaining the Quest

The quest can be obtained in Larnak by selecting the option to explore the city – “Go for a stroll and see what you can find.” If you’re lucky, you will stumble upon a tavern called Caelum’s Fall where you will meet an ex-Vagrus named Sherion. Buy him a round or two of his drink for 1 Lyrg to obtain the rumor “Giants in the Hills.”

Travel to The Forsaken Colony

Sherion tells his story of how he stumbled on a bunch of giants in a place called the Forsaken Colony. The location will now be on your map, south/southeast of Larnak.

You will have to go around the West or East side of it and approach from the South.

Strike a Deal with the Giants

Once inside, you will be given three options. If you have a total of 10 worker and/or slaves, selecting option 2 will give you -4 movement and +2 scraps of metal.

Select the option “Spend the night in hopes that you find signs of these giants.” The next morning, “approach the giants & talk” – “accept their offer” – “see what the colony can offer.” You can also ask them questions once you earn trust with them.

You can now bring food goods to this location and trade for scraps of metal. Here is an image of all the trade deals you can do:

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