Vagrus – The Riven Realms – Walkthrough: The White Crystal

Walkthrough of “The White Crystal” objective to obtain the heat shielding crystal.

Obtaining the Quest

The quest is initially obtained by receiving the rumor “Master Crystal Mage.” I am unsure of which city you get this in (or if it is random.) Most likely from the cities between Tor’zag’s Shelter and Deven.

After receiving the rumor, go to Lumen and you will have the option to visit “The Crystalmancer’s Vault” and speak to Shebenni who will ask you to get a white crystal in Loom.

Obtaining the Pure White Crystal

Note that in your journal under the qualities tab is an entry entitled “White Crystal in Loom.” This will give you a little more information and mentions using dampsmoke to help you get through the Yrg-Hive. I cannot help with that as I did not need it, I recommend not using it as defeating the Yrgs will give you Chitin which you can sell in town. I do not know what you get if you use the dampsmoke,

Proceed to the southern side of Loom which is now marked on your map. You will find it roughly Northwest of Lumen. See image for exact location of Yrg Hive.

Upon arriving, you will select “Search for Hive” – “Follow Tracks” – “Decend into Hive.”

A maximum of 6 companions can be used and a minimum of 1. I was able to barely get through with 2 (Orc companion at level 4 or 5 and Finndurarth at level 2 or 3,) but I recommend bringing 3 as even 3 at level 1 or 2 can get through it. If you only have two, I recommend putting both in the bottom 2 slots, mage behind the tank, so only a maximum of 2 Yrgs can attack you each round. I wouldn’t attempt with only 1.

You can steal past the first group and press further into the hive, unless you want the extra Chitin.

The next group you will need to attack. You will come face to face with 2 Yrgs. Nothing special here for either of these fights.

After defeating that group, you will have to attack the next. This time you will need to kill 3 of them. After doing so, it will “be time to seize the crystal.” You will receive +1 pure white crystal, -2 movement and +3 insight.

Obtaining & Equipping the Heat Shielding Crystal

Return to Shebenni in Lumen and hand over the pure white crystal. In return, she will give you the heat shielding crystal.

In order to use the heat shielding crystal, you will need the following:

  1. Level a mage companion (Finndurath who is obtained just south of Deven on the main road) in order to get both Spellweaver (under Deputy) and Channeling (under Combat Skills & Traits – the traits part which is under the skills.) You will also need to put that companion in the Deputy slot when at a town or camp.
  2. Have two move points as the crystal will reduce your movement by 2 after equipping it. When you unequip it, you will immediately get those movement points back
  3. Now you can equip the Heat Shielding Crystal in the Sorcery Slot in the Cargo tab.

Although not required to equip it, you will need to buy a pair of Calerus Protection Gear (6.5 Bross) in order to enter the crystal forests. You can get one from the market tab – equipment tab in Lumen. Put this in either the Arms or Miscellaneous slot in the Cargo tab.

Next Steps – The Dread Reavers

The Heat Shielding Crystal will allow you to enter the crystal forests and is required in the objective chain of “Dread Reavers.” To initiate that line of quests, go to Tor’zag’s shelter with some renown (1 or 2 I believe) and click the Civic District – Dragon Nest Inn – Ask around for well off passengers. You will get a fierce looking mercenary captain looking for transportation to the West. His name is Lahdanar and you will receive 7 Bross for taking him and his company back to Lumen where he will go 50/50 with you on some treasure if you find a way to protect them in the crystal forest…which you can now do. Be warned. This quest (after bringing them to Lumen) is difficult.

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