Valheim – Console Commands to Simulate Teleporting Through Portals with The Whole Inventory

IMHO, the duration of the game is artificially inflated due to the blocking of teleportation of certain materials. The text below describes a simple way to teleport with your entire inventory without destroying the whole atmosphere of the game.

Console commands to simulate teleporting through portals with whole inventory.

Detailed Guide

  • Log in to the client.
  • Right-click on the game and select “Properties
  • Scroll the mouse wheel down and find the field to enter the word “Launch Options“.
  • Type the command in this field: -console and save your changes.
  • Enter the game and open the console (press F5). After that enter the command “devcommands” (unquoted), to activate all available cheats.
  • Find the place to witch you want to teleport. Open the console (Press F5) enter the command “pos“(unquoted), to indicates the coordinates where you are. (u can save them somewhere).
  • Collect some inventory items u want to teleport with you.
  • Open the console (press F5). Enter “godmode” (unquoted) (to not to die if you fall from the sky).
  • Enter “goto x, z” (unquoted), where x, z are the coordanates you want to teleport.(you saved them before)
  • Enter godmode (to disable invulnerability)
  • That’s all, you did it.

Example of console commands:

Don’t destoy the atmosphere of the game!

P.S. Don’t use this every-time and everywhere, use it only to teleport unteleportable things. Use such steps to not to ruin the atmosphere and interest in the game because of these methods.

  • Create portal on both sides: at your base and in the place where you are going to teleport.
  • Collect everything you need.
  • Go to the teleporter.
  • Use the teleporter through the console.
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