Valheim – Definitive Build Height Guide!

Terraforming Limits

Ground can be raised or lowered 16 times from it’s original height, giving a maximum distance of 16M between it’s highest and lowest possible points. Each use of the pickaxe or hoe changes the ground’s height by 0.5M.

Material Height Limits

Note – Adjacent pieces do not increase the structural integrity of a piece, only anything below and inside of it

  • Wood – 16M
  • Stone – 16M
  • Iron Gate – 48M
  • Wood Iron Pole – 50M

2×4, 2×1, and 1×1 Stone do not have different height limits, and can usually be used interchangably with no effects on structural integrity.

Internal Supports

Building pieces can be reinforced by placing other pieces inside of them. Multiple reinforcements inside of one piece do not increase the build limit.

  • 1×1/1×2 Stone reinforced with Iron Gates- 29M
  • 2×4 Stone reinforced with Iron Gates – 30M
  • 2×4 Stone reinforced with Wood iron Poles – 30M
  • 1×1/1×2 Stone reinforced with Wood iron Poles – 31M

Placing Wood Iron Beams between your pieces instead of Poles through them is not as effective.


Reinforcing the bottom 4M with Wood iron Poles will raise your foundation by 4M with 2×4 Stone, and 5M with 1×1/1×2 Stone. Your foundation will only be raised if the Pole/Gate is only affecting one column of building pieces, the support piece must be fully inside the building piece horizontally. Otherwise, it will slightly affect the piece with more contact to it.

Wood Iron Poles can be used like the ground to create wood floors and half wood walls as a foundation piece up to 30M. Other wood pieces must be adjusted down according to their height to be considered a foundation piece. Wood pieces connected will be a foundation for any height below this, allowing for massive wooden walls.

Wood Iron Poles can be used to raise a roof 28M, or alternating Poles and Beams up to 10 roofs.

Alternating internal supports between Gates/Poles is not effective, Poles are the best option for maximum build height.

Horizontal Limits

  • Wood Beams/Floors – 10M
  • Log Beams – 12M

Wood Floors can be placed on Log Beams up to 13M, Foundation is moved out by 2M


Materials sorted by render distance, shortest to farthest.

Not exact, but a pretty close estimate.

  • Log Pole 2M – 48M
  • Log Pole 4M – 72M
  • Iron Gate, Wood Iron Pole – 82M
  • Wood Pole – 112M
  • 1×1 Stone – 122M
  • 2×1/2×4 Stone – 138M


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