Valheim – How to Get The Strongest Secret Sword

In this guide, you will learn how to get the strongest sword in the game Valheim! This sword cannot be purchased from a merchant or created in a forge, as this sword is a secret sword in the game!

How to Get The Sword

Appearance of the sword!

The method of obtaining the sword!

As I wrote above, this sword cannot be forged in a forge, created on a workbench, or bought from a merchant! This sword is the secret weapon in the game! Most likely, this sword was added to the creators of the game to test anything in the game ! The sword in the game can only be obtained through the developer console!

To get this sword, you need to do the following steps:

  1. First you need to connect the developer console:
    • To enable the Developer Console, you need to log in to your Steam library. In the Steam library – you need to find the game Valheim. Go to the game launch settings. In the game launch settings, enter the console command in an empty line: -console
  2. After completing step #2 – you need to launch the Valheim game.
  3. To open the console in the game itself – you need to press the “F5” key to open the console.
  4. For all console commands to work , you need to enter the following console command into the console: devcommands
  5. Then, to get the sword itself, you need to enter the following console command: spawn SwordCheat 1
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