Valheim – How to Use Emotes

Learn to use Valheim emotes in two different ways.

How to Use and List

Using emotes in Valheim is very simple – you can use them at any point in the game. Open the text chat window (press Enter), type a command, such as /wave, and confirm (Enter).

All Emotes – List

Below is a list of all emotes available in Valheim:

  • Sit: /sit
  • Wave: /wave
  • Challenge: /challenge
  • Cheer: /cheer
  • No no no: /nonono
  • Thumbs Up: /thumbsup
  • Point: /point

Emote Wheel

This mod adds an user interface for emote animations to let them be used in an easier and faster way.

The menu will be visible by holding the ‘T’ key (can be changed).

Created by ColoTrash

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