Valheim – Mountain Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Getting the Fenris coat before you mine your first piece of Silver ore.
  • The Iron Mace (preferably fully upgraded to Level 4) incl. a proper placed parry with your Banded shield (preferably fully upgraded to Level 3) works best against the Stone Golem.
  • The more dangerous mobs spawn only at night. So get some biome resources (onion seeds, obsidian, maybe silver too) safely in day time excursions to get you up to speed before you venture there at night. Bring the appropriate mead.
  • I highly recommend to get a good shield when going into the mountains.
  • The wolf there are deadly and hunt in packets sometimes.
  • And a bow and 100 arrows to shoot small dragons.
  • Els once you kill x amount of wolf then get a wolf trophy and x amount of wolf skin and make a wolf cape so you can stay warm all the time.
  • I also recommend to build a teleport somewhere on top of the mountain since it just more easy to start on top of the mountain and run down to mine silver and carry it to your ship.
  • Also be very careful about the “secret” caves where werewolves live, they are a bit tough but give some great stuff.
  • And do not setup the teleport to close to the BOSS location it get pretty far around and might destroy it and that make it hard to get back and pickup your gear if you die.
  • And finally the stone golems (stone creatures) they are tough, dig a hole and trap them down there and jump on top of them and hit them with your pick axe.. you get some stuff you can use to do other things so they are a little important.
  • When a stone golem stand on the edge of a hole then cut away the ground it stand on so it fall down into the hole (the same goes with lox in the plains biome and then feed it and tame it but that is another story).
Created by Delle(DK)

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