Valheim – Quick Mining Guide

In this Guide, it’s quite simple by the way to haul every resource with you back to your base. A bit cheesy, quite helpful to carry the 90+ Tin and Copper you need for bronze tools.

Mining Guide

Let say World 1 is your home world where your base and such is, whether it be a server or a single player world. Go ahead and login to it and stand next to your ore chest and log out.

Make World 2 and jump in and do some exploring until you find your desired metal location for ease lets say we find a copper ore vein. Normally you’d be needing to travel with your 14 copper and go back to your vein and bring back a handful more. Mine the entire vein dropping all or and stone when you become over encumbered. When the mine is entirely mined, jump back to world 1 and deposit it in your chest. Jump back to world 2 as desired.

Valhiem is extremely costly on every metal item and instead of wasting 4 hours hauling 14 ore at a time, you can haul an entire node with this simple trick. Saves time and still has you mining and killing every greydwarf (or wolf/drake) depending on your desired mining spot.

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