VALKYRIE CONNECT – How to Get Ads Pulls Easy

And easy method for get 4 free pulls (2 ads every 8/10 hours), easy and only in less of 10 minutes.

Simple Steps

(Actual image in phone/tablet), chest available.

Need a phone or tablet and only download the game (the minimal install).

  • First, download the game in your phone or tablet and load in your main account.
  • Next, go the “Watch the ad” in the main screen, pull every 5 videos ads, made this 2 times (10 videos = 2 pulls) The little chest icon with the video symbol.
  • Close the game and return to the Steam version and continue how you normally plays.
  • Back in 8/10 hours later for 2 free pull more.

And repeat every day…

(Actual image in steam, no chest).

Created by Fortuna

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