Valorant – How to Play Omen (Beginners Guide)

How to Play Guide: Omen

The master of misdirection and fear, Omen is a Controller Agent who uses his abilities to block enemy sight and attack from angles they least expect. Below is a guide for Omen, where we will break down their abilities and give you some tips and tricks to get the most utility out of your Agent on the battlefield.

Omen Abilities

All Agents in Valorant will come with a set of abilities that will complement their roles on the battlefield. This usually consists of 2 abilities that can be bought, a signature ability, and an ultimate. Being a controller, Omen’s focus is cutting off lines of sight with his smoke and supporting teammates during gunfights with flanking teleports.

Shrouded Step1002A short range teleport that can be used to reach higher places unexpectedly or teleport to certain positions without being seen. There is a short channeling time, so use wisely!
Paranoia2001An orb that can be shot through walls, blocking enemy sight for a moment. functions the same as Breach and Phoenix’s flash
Dark Cover (Signature)N/A2 (35 Second Cooldown)Dark cover is like any other smoke ability in the game, the difference here being Omen can control the height and distance of the smoke. These smokes can be shot through walls giving them a ton of utility.
From the Shadows (Ultimate)7 Ultimate Orbs1Omen can teleport ANYWHERE on the map. Yup, Anywhere. Like shrouded step, there is a short channeling time so make sure you are safe to use it. The entire enemy team will know a teleport is coming, so be sure to teleport somewhere you know is safe

Omen Utility Tips

  • Omen specializes in misdirection, use his abilities to block enemy sight confuse the enemy, and even make them think you are rushing from one direction while flanking from another.
    • A good way to fool the enemy is to use the ability to send Dark Cover through objects to other parts of the map. Seeing a smoke on point A may give your team time to rotate to the opposite bombsite, forcing the enemy to rush over.
  • Use shrouded step to teleport to higher vantage points and surprise enemies with shots from places they wouldn’t expect. It may be a good idea to use paranoia or dark cover to protect you while you teleport.
  • It may be tempting to use From the Shadows right when it is charged to flank the enemy team, but make sure you use it in a situation where you can succeed. Using it too early can leave you heavily outgunned, since everyone on the map knows you are teleporting the first place enemy teams will look are points behind them. Keep that in mind when choosing a part of the map to teleport too!
  • Think of paranoia as a flashbang that can travel through multiple surfaces. It can be super effective against rushing enemies, forcing them to retreat so their vision can return. Try to get used to using paranoia without peaking, no need to peak with an ability that can travel through walls.

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