Valorant – How to Play Raze (Beginners Guide)

How to Play Guide: Raze

Love throwing grenades and running around with a rocket launcher? Then you and Agent Raze have plenty to talk about, a duelist focused solely on entry fragging and controlling enemy movements, Raze doesn’t know the meaning of slow. Below we will break down Raze’s abilities, as well as some tips and tricks to help get the most utility out of your Agent on the battlefield.

Raze Abilities

All Agents in Valorant will come with a set of abilities that will complement their roles on the battlefield. This usually consists of 2 abilities that can be bought, a signature ability, and an ultimate. Being a duelist, Raze’s main focus is getting kills and pressuring the opposing team into making a mistake. Her constant ability to push enemy teams with explosives makes her dangerous on the battlefield.

Boom Bot3001Raze lays down a bot that seeks out enemies and explodes once it gets close. The bot can only go straight, but can be bounced off walls to check different angles.
Blast Pack1002a small timed C4 device that can also be blown up by reactivating the ability button. Does damage to teammates and enemies but can be used to propel Raze higher or further, similar to Jett’s movement abilities.
Paint Shells (Signature)N/A1 (Recharged after 2 kills)A thrown grenade that explodes into 4 smaller grenades. Great for forcing enemies out of corners or denying entry to certain areas.
Showstopper (Ultimate)7 Ultimate Orbs1Raze pulls out her rocket launcher and has 10 seconds to fire it, dealing massive area damage to enemies, usually guaranteeing at least a single kill.

Raze Utility Tips

  • Raze is all about keeping up the pressure, use her Paint shells in combination with a boom bot to really make an enemy make a tough decision. Stay and shoot the boom bot and risk being caught in the shell, or run from the shell and risk being discovered by the bot.
  • Raze’s ultimate is usually a guaranteed kill as long as it is shot near someone. The best places to use Raze’s ult is small rooms where the explosion can deal maximum damage to the people inside. When Raze uses her ult she will yell “its showtime!” so the team will be ready for it, use it quickly before they can respond!
  • Blast packs can be used to hurt enemies hiding in corners, but the most useful way to use the Blast Pack is to give your jumps an extra boost. The explosion wont hurt Raze, and just push you higher or further depending on your location to the pack when you detonate it.
  • Raze is a heavy fragger, so expect teams to try and pick you off first to take away your team’s elimination ability. To avoid this, never rush the same area back to back. If you start to get into a routine during a match, it will be easier for the enemy to guess where you will be and focus that location. Changing routines can catch confident teams off balance.

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