Valorant – How to Play Sova (Beginners Guide)

How to Play Guide: Sova

With Sova’s Bow and Arrow, no one can hide from his sight. This initiator Agent uses recon bolts and other tricks to expose enemy positions and his team take the proper angles. Below we will break down Sova’s abilities and give you some tips and tricks to help you bring the most utility to the battlefield with Sova.

Sova Abilities

All Agents in Valorant will come with a set of abilities that will complement their roles on the battlefield. This usually consists of 2 abilities that can be bought, a signature ability, and an ultimate. Being an initiator, Sova’s main focus is revealing enemy positions and helping teammates spot defenders when pushing bombsites.

Owl Drone3001Sova sends out a drone that can spot enemies within it’s line of sight. Also shoots a recon dart that can tag an enemy for 5 seconds
Shock Bolt1002A dart that can be set to bounce up to 2 times. Deals Area of Effect shock damage to anyone caught within it’s explosion.
Recon Bolt (Signature)N/A1 (35 Second Cooldown)Sova’s signature ability has him using his bow to launch an arrow that can reveal anyone within its line of sight. Can be set to bounce up to 2 times
Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate)7 Ultimate Orbs3 (Max)Sova charges up his bow to launch up to 3 blasts from it. The blasts can go through surfaces and damage any enemy within it’s path. Any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught will also be revealed to your team.

Sova Utility Tips

  • Sova’s signature ability, the Recon Bolt, is the most useful tool in his kit. Learning the best spots to place his recon bolts on maps is the first step to mastering Sova’s Utility. There are plenty of resources out there to master this, but the best way to learn is practice. For more tips on Sova’s arrow, check out our Pro and Developer tips for links to more resources!
  • Shock bolt is the perfect ability to use when an enemy is hugging a corner trying to peak. Use the alternate fire to add bounces to the arrow, making even the furthest corner accessible by your arrow. The arrow has a slight delay to explode, so be ready for the enemy to make a break for it.
  • Hunter’s Fury tags enemies for you and your teammates, as well as slows and damages them. Knowing when to use this is key, try saving it for a rush defense or attack. Use it in combination with the Recon bolt to make lining up your shots easier.
  • Use Sova’s owl drone to lead the charge when looking for any enemies. Using the drone as a spotter will save your team’s health and help you pinpoint enemy positions, even if you don’t manage to hit them with a tracking dart.

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