Vampire Survivors – Best Gold and Egg Farming Build any Character

Core build for any character to farm gold.

Easy Build for Gold Farming Any Character

Character: Any

Stage: 5

Cappella Magna with These Active:

  1. Hyper
  2. Limit Break
  3. Arcanas


Arcana’s in this order.

  1. XIII – Wicked Season – First picked
  2. XV – Disco of Gold – chest at 11 minutes mark
  3. XX – Silent Old Sanctuary – chest at 21 minutes mark


Set the max amount to 2 (3 if you character haves a different starter weapon).

  1. Gatti Amari – Must have
  2. Laurel – makes you not dead
  3. Characters starting weapon

Passive Items:

  1. Crown – more XP
  2. Attractorb – around 320 In stat this will pick up stuff from the whole screen
  3. Stone Mask – need to upgrade and GOLD!
  4. Skull O’Maniac – more curse
  5. Torrona’s Box- more curse
  6. Characters starter weapon passiv upgrade item.
  7. Gold Ring – more curse
  8. Metaglio Right- more curse

Meta Knowledge:

Laurel doesnt get limit break so all level limit breaks goes to Vicious Hunger and starter weapon. Avoid evovling Gatti Amari before all items are max level or else Vicious Hunger will eat your exp gems from mobs and make it to gold, thus avoiding you getting levels for a couple of minutes. Do aknowledge that the gold gain after the 30 min mark drops a lot compared to what is earned during the games first 30 min.

  • Tip: Save re-rolls to get correct arcana’s.
  • Pro Tip: When picking up chest gets hard due to Uber Stats, alt tab out of the game and back, the game should go into some super slowmo speed, making it easier to pick up chests.


Dont pick up the Gold ring or Metaglio Right items before you get these 5 passive items (six if character has a main weapon).

  1. Crown – more XP
  2. Attractorb – standing still( and getting all of drops on screen at high levels)
  3. Stone Mask – needed to upgrade and GOLD
  4. Skull O’Maniac – more curse
  5. Torrona’s Box – more curse
  6. Characters starter weapon passiv upgrade item.

Level up all items before evovling gatti amari to vicious hunger.

Once you pass the 30 min mark. Observe if you can survive. If you are to low on eggs. I would advice you to use these weapons since the build already have the passive upgrade items anyways.

  1. Song of mana
  2. Holy water
  3. The 2 guns and tiramasu which can be picked up on the map
  4. Worst case scenario use birds as the six slot or bracers.

If you can survive, you can basicly let the game play it self and go to sleep. Wake up to millions of Gold ready to be used for eggs on your character, to increase the characters stats. Thereby earning more gold in future runs.

Trouser is my new gold farming character.

The build works on any stage once you have a couple of thousands eggs on the character.

  • 3 mill gold for a 30 minute run.
  • Nearly 5 mill from bone zone for a 30 minute run.
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