Vampire Survivors – Easiest Death Kill

Easiest way I’ve found to kill death every time! (Requires most items unlocked already).


  • This method makes use of the evolved laurel and clockwork lancet which take being quite far through the game, but in my experience is near enough 100% successful every time!
  • Character choice is optional however I’d recommend Pugnala due to starting with 2 starting weapons, or a hidden character as they are mostly quite strong.
  • Secondly pick the inlaid library as a map (optionally use hurry and hyper), as in my experience it’s the easiest map and has decent additional pickups.
  • You want a mix of items which can both carry you through the level and do enough damage to eventually take care of death’s massive health pool e.g. bible + spell binder, guns + tiragisu, magic wand + empty tome.
  • A bonus recommendation is to use pentagram with crown as early as possible due to the massively increased xp gains.
  • After getting a full inventory of weapons and passives get the silver ring, gold ring and 2 metaglios to evolve the lancet and laurel.

Post-Death Spawn

  • Try not to move around too much, especially trying to keep your most damaging weapons constantly damaging Death, while attempting to keep him frozen with your lancet
  • Do your best to focus the first death also, however this is quite difficult so at minute 31 when 2nd death spawns try damaging them both – though really you should be fine from here.
  • glhf

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