Vampire Survivors – Gold Farming with Trouser

How to do efficient farming in Bone Zone giving 1-15 million gold fast!

How to Farm

Big Trousers is the best farmer, letting you choose the weapon you start with since on different egg levels different weapons are better. At 5k eggs, he makes 5 million with almost pure afking. He peaks at around 20k eggs after which you can start leveling other characters super fast making 10-15 million a run’ish. On a regular run, Trouser usually reaches level 500-1000 near the end giving him massive Greed Gain and making him better than the character Gains for grinding purposes on Bone Zone.

Yeah been experimenting with this a bit, trying to get the best farm going. On high egg counts, the true danger of Bone Zone is boredom 1), photo sensitivity induced epilepsy 2), Stalker 3) that spawns at 10 minutes, the green ghost of killings and Winged Skeletons 4) who might be run-enders if your curse outpaces your killing potential, they might suck up a revive or two if you dont have Disco of Gold yet to regen-tank the dmg.

Less important is Drowner at 20 minutes who just needs to be hit to not drown you and both La Robba and Garlic with enough area do this without needing to move.

Lets address all these issues:

1) Boredom is easy, just do this afk, you can put on always random and afk it all while also making MORE gold for when the game is tabbed out and on the background, it goes to fps slowdown but the gold keeps coming in. For every 1 real world second you get roughly 3 seconds worth of gold gain. This keeps Disco of Gold working with even bigger streaks and lets you do something more engaging meanwhile. When your magnet is high enough at around 2-3k eggs on Trousers with Attraction orb, all destroyed torches off screen automagically give you their gold bags re-triggering the Gold Rush without moving letting you afk farm.

2) This is a big one, most weapons in the game make your eyes bleed and the brain go into seizures if you’re even the least bit sensitive. La Robba is a very good weapon for early-egg farming, it scales amazingly below 1k Eggs and allows you to get the ball rolling but like Phieraggi, La Robbas animations are absolute eye-cancer even on second monitor with constant inecessant flashing. You want a weapon that that makes the least graphical effects since the screen is anyhow going tot be filled with exp gems and gold coins from dying enemies. There are scarse few ones, the most I’ve experimented on were either ineffective, a ton is a knockback weapons (bad since if the first hit doesnt kill the enemy they take longer to die slowing everything down) or graphical nightmares (Gatti Amari is awesome but its constant flashing lights, Phieraggi is auto-seizure whenever it levelups, La Robba on high egg levels or in run levels is frikking trippy, Song of Mana/Mannaja might be fun on drugs but I dont partake).

Out of all, Garlic is the best. No knockback so boss chests always drop right next to you/on you, no visual effect past X amount of area increase so you can see all gold bags easy, kills off screen to make magnet vacuum gold bags to keep Gold Rush going and scales with +1% might meaning +1 base damage, boosted with items + at 21 minute mark taken Silent Old Sanctuary it does the dps enough to Kill waves in 28-29 minute mark with 2 hits even on lower egg levels as long as you only have 1 or 2 weapons enabled.

3) Stalker boasts the biggest danger of gameover on Bone Rush with enough curse and not enough movespeed, if you lack the revives to tank him for the whole minute he is onscreen its a run ender to the point that you wont get the phat millions of gold to buy hundreds of eggs in a carpal tunnel induced clicking. On low egg counts you need to start with Disc of Gold to outheal it/or the mobs of enemies but just running usually works, your revives need to last only to tank it.

You need Hyper Mode (to outrun Stalker), dont take Hurry Mode since last waves are most important to milk for money, Arcana Mode is needed for the cards and Limit Break is essential so your mainweapon can outpace the enemy hp gain from your levels/curse. Any level you get and percent of curse is more hp for enemies. And you need the ability to choose how many weapons you can have maximum, never take more than 1 or 2 for best Limit Breaks.


Always save all your rerolls (and preferably have all of them available before starting this) to get the cards you need

XIII Wicked Season, XV Disco of Gold and XX Silent Old Sanctuary. Depending on your egg levels, you might need to start with a different one but in the end starting with Wicked Season is ALWAYS going to be more as 1st pick gold since the stacking greed from levelups more than makes up for the Disco of Golds beginning gold for the first 10 mins. The safest in very very low egg levels is Silent Old Sanctuary making sure enemies cant kill you, then go Disco Of Gold to get the monies and last can be the XVIII Boogaloo of Illusions to kill the last waves without death, Wicked Season wont stack in 21 min mark enough to make sense.

With Wicked Season active in low egg levels before you already vacuum everything, it benefits you to run around and gather gems only when the Crown triggers making early egg farming more micro intensive and involved for best gains.



Never take more than 2 weapons! Super low egg levels, you might want max 2 weapons, 1 OFFENSIVE weapon and if you need it, LAUREL for a DEFENSIVE WEAPON. La Robba (Pre 1k eggs)/Garlic (1k eggs or more) and Laurel (the mistletoe thingy of invulnerability) to tank Stalker with some runnings, start with Silent Old Sanctuary and you’re gucchi.

On high egg levels (as soon as you can revive tank Stalker), drop Laurel off so you just havet Garlic as only weapon since youre in no danger of gameover from dying. With Garlic and Limit Break, if you’re low egg level you gotta manually do the levelups until 11 minute mark-ish and always select +1% might since it also adds +1 base damage to outpace the enemies in mid/lategame, after that put it on always random.


There are some that are essential, that either give you the ramp you need (enough exp to outpace enemies) or damage to kill them dead before they gib you. In every case, the list is quite short and you need to adjust it as you get more eggs and can become more efficient. In order of importance…

1) Attractorb suck in all orbs

Without this you’ll never be efficient, also needed in pre 10-20k egg levels to suck gold bags from beyond visual range. After 50k eggs, you can use something else for this. But by then, you wont need to use anything else for this and should have leveled some other character instead with those superfluous 30k eggs.

2) Torrona’s Box omnistats and at level 9 100% curse

Take the last level only after Stalker is gone if at all possible is the best advise for this item, you need it to ramp the enemy count via curse so you can snowball basically. Always pick.

3) Crown +40% exp gain

Need the experience to get the snowball going, this helps! Always pick.

4) Skull O’Maniac +50% curse

Until you have base 300-400% curse, the skull lets you snowball. After 300-400% base curse you can change to Candelabrador since by that time you can start with Wicked Season instead having the revives to tank Stalker.

5) Spinach 50% damage

We need damage to kill enemies dead, this helps with it making might gain from Limit Break more effective. Always pick.

6) Candlebra +50 aoe

Bigger aoe means enemies have more time to die before they reach you. Important with garlic/soul stealer on lower egg counts!

7) Empty Tome -40% cooldown

Before you reach -100% cooldown (starting with Silent Old Sanctuary and 2 weapons you can reach -100% with just tome and Silent Old), switch out of Tome after you reach base -20% cooldown or switch back into it when you start starting with Wicked Season instead of Silent Old Sanctuary for more farming before you reach -100% cooldown. To make damage ticks happen every frame, you might need this to reach that coveted -100% cooldown.

8) Stone Mask 50% Greed

Lets be honest, surviving the run is more important to reach the last levels than the base 50% Greed from the Mask, since Trousers has level scaling Greed. When you can finally use it, your egg gain will ramp up but its more important to reach the point you can use it than to use it from the beginning.

?) Tiramisu +2 Revives

In edge cases (or super super early with no eggs) the 2 revives might let you revive tank the Stalker, and once you’re on your last life it vanishes giving you the slot back so you can put on Stone Mask for the gold grinding – very handy and a flex slot.

Important Timestamps to Pay Attention

There are a few times where you gotta pay attention, either due to danger present or needing to pick a chest to get a new arcane, even on hgh/super high egg-counts so its not completely afk if you want to be fast.

  • 1-9 minutes, you’re leveling all your weapons and either picking Limit Break choises or running about if you need to still dodge enemies on low armor/low killyness levels.
  • 10 minute mark, Stalker appears and tries to kill you, running away from it or clicking revive to revive tank it is needed.
  • 11 minute mark, big skull appears that drops the second Arcana so as soon its dead you gotta pick it up.
  • 20 minute mark, Drowner appears but any sufficiently high aoe weapon makes him just hang back all the time and not drown you, reducing the need to run about.
  • 21 minute mark, another big skull appears which gives the last Arcana, this is the least important to pay attention to if you’re confident your afk farming can both kill and vacuum all loot in.
  • 28~ minute mark, wait for Wicked Season to double your Greed and loot all the chests on the ground for 8-40k gold per chest.

Dilemma of Masked Guardians, Yes / No?

Killing the Masked Guardians if you have secret items unlocked might give you +4 eggs, worth it on low egg levels? Yes, if you can do it with La Robba + Laurel + Silent Old Sanctuary.

But it involves alot of running, and the items you get might not be worth it if the extra +180% curse makes enemies outpace your killing potential from enemies gaining too much hp to not oneshot them within 1 frame/outside field of view. Its something to do, however, and might give satisfactory feelings.

No Eggs Run!

Clicked on a no-egg run to prove you can get the ball rolling amassing 23~ eggs a run when you have NO EGGS TO BEGIN WITH and here it is. Took Tiragisu instead of Stone Mask in the beginning and dropped it after Stalker by purposefully dying until I had no revives left – then took the Mask. A super safe run considering fully upgraded Laurel lets you tank so much by sitting still.

The only mobs I couldnt kill fast were 29+ wave and that was the end of me. Went with XVI Boogaloo of Illusions area bonuses, and they’re better than Tragic Princess on a no egg run.

This run can be improved by avoiding picking up exp from 8 mins to 12~ mins until you upgrade to Soulstealer so you dont spend wasted levels on Garlic.

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