Vampire Survivors – How to Buy Power-Ups Cheaper

Pro Tip for Buying Power-Ups

If you buy power ups from most expensive to least expensive you can get all the upgrades for less money!

I still had a few levels to buy for a couple of the cheaper power ups (max health, regen), but ran out of money.

I refunded my powerups and bought them again starting with the most expensive.

The way the price increases work make it cheaper in the end if you do it that way.


  1. thank you for this

    i went from missing a chunk of the upgrades to only missing the final 2 of +gold by resetting it and buying it most expensive to least expensive

    by clicking that one button and following the strategy i was able to buy at least 7? more upgrades with the same amount of gold

  2. Ahhh! So THAT’S why sometimes I could unlock one or two things more and other times, I couldn’t! Just couldn’t figure out why it did that, never thought to unlock things in a different order, I thought it was just because I clicked the upgrades too fast and the game somehow didn’t register or something.

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