Vampire Survivors – How to Start with a Fresh Savefile

Simple, just a way for you to start with a fresh savefile (with a link to the file included for your convenience).

How-To Guide

TL;DR: For the love of god devs, please create profiles or a simple delete all progress button in options so we don’t have to go through all these hoops to enjoy the game from the beginning.

I’ve seen multiple people just wanting to nuke their savefile to start fresh when the game came out of EA. I’ve also seen multiple suggested things of which none worked for me personally, so i wanted to throw my hat into the ring to help anyone who was the same boat as me.

  • First off, you’re gonna need to savefile. Here’s a link (Google Drive) to it.

Now remember, this same file is going to need to go to 4 different locations so keep it handy and copy it.

Step 1: Right click Vampire Survivors in your steam library, press properties and then uncheck the steam cloud option for this game.

Step 2: In the Adress box in the browser, type in %appdata% or go to C:\Users\(your computer name here)\AppData\Roaming

Here, you’ll see three folders. Vampire_Survivors, Vampire_Survivors_31037949 & Vampire_Survivors_Data

Step 3: Go into Vampire_Survivors and then the Saves folder. Replace the SaveData file here.

Do the same in the 31037949 & Data folders respectively.

Step 4: Steam itself has hidden a savefile so we need to replace that as well. You need to navigate to the folder where steam itself is installed. In my case, it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam. From there, navigate into the userdata folder and you’ll be greeted with two folders that has a string of numbers. The numbers here vary so i can’t give a specific folder, but click the top folder and then 1794680 -> remote and then replace the save file here. Boot the game up and with any, luck you should have a completely fresh save file!

Congratulations. Go now and enjoy the game with your completely reset savefile.

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