Vampire Survivors – How to Unlock Hyper Forest

Tips with Unlocking Hyper Forest

Go first Liberary untill you have unlocked “Amount” 1/1 then “Growth” 5/5 then greed 5/5 will give you a good start for forrest…

I managed to beat forrest untill I had Magnet 2/2, Luck 3/3 , Cooldown 2/2 Area 2/2 then Max Health 3/3 Armor 2/3 and Recovery 2/5.

Forrest is really hard to beat due to the mobs seems to have way more hp then the ones in the libary, hope it helps.

P.S. The Power-Up order is important!


  1. Get evolved Bible, evolved axe, and evolved whip…after that just get whatever other weapons you want. These give significant knockback and whip heals a lot in the late game. After that, just get all the damage reduction/health buffs you can. With these buffs you can afk till final boss as that doesn’t get hit by knockback. Once boss is dead can afk till gg.

  2. I did it with Imelda. Wand is good early and is a priority target killer when evolved. Stack evolved bible (and I happened to have evolved axe along side, but I dont think it’s necessary) and you’ve got a border that’s going to keep the later waves out and wand to kill anything that manages to get inside.

  3. I just did it with the skeleton character as well, with whip, axe, cross, ebony wings, duplicator ring, spinach, and a few other buffs that I can’t recall. You deal an insane amount of damage above your sprite, and the multiple whip attacks essentially create a great buffer zone above you.

    The biggest issue with the set-up, though, is that it’s a pain to collect gems and leveling is quite slow. I think I was just approaching level 39 when death showed up.

  4. I just noticed something. A max level clock lance with the cooldown powerup is enough to basically survive indefinitely in the forest. (at least until death shows up)
    It freezes enemies in a clockwise firing pattern and fires again before the last batch thaws out. You can walk through frozen enemies and not take any damage.
    This allows you to theoretically survive any enemies, though some bosses appear to be immune. Not that they can reach you. Laurels also are helpful if you try that.

  5. I did it with the skeleton character. Bones, lightning ring, crosses, bible, magic wand, santa water. When Mantis horde came I was just stationary in a very small ring, cowering in fear while bones did their thing.
    You really want to try and kill as many random ghost/bats swarms as you can, since there is a 1-2 mins of very slow spawning and very slow moving green zombies that you need to be able to kill at least semi reliably.
    If you have a char with lightning ring start you could cheese a bit – you get a temp buff to casting speed (it lasts till your first level), so you can just wait for a minute or two not moving at all, while lightnings kill everything that spawns.

  6. I managed my first run with loads of AoE weapons and Antonio:
    Whip, Peachone and Ebony Wings, maybe Lightning Ring, Santa Water or King Bible (don’t remember anymore, except that I managed to get both birds on Antonio).
    Basicly: nuke them with everything you’ve got.

    Single target weapons such as the Magic Wand and Daggers (and even Runetracer) fall flat, later waves simply throw too much at you.

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