Vampire Survivors – Tip: Time Lance = Invulnerability

Time Lance = Invulnerability

Time Lance doesn’t shine early game… at all. And probably for the best, as when it’s built properly you can be near-invulnerable.

Let me shortly explain.

With Candelbara and Spell Book (added bonus if you have Spellbinder) you can stay near invulnerable as the Lance fires very often in very thick lines. The frozen enemies are difficult to push around by other enemies and, at high levels, can freeze the enemies for 5+ seconds at a time.

From there, you just “move with” your frozen enemies, just standing on top of them… practically invulnerable.

Now, I don’t find this immensely useful as it suggests you having a low-damage build… but it is fun to note the capabilities of the weapons to last out those deathly, final 2 minutes on a 30 min run.


    • Yes you can freeze death, I got 30:14 probably would have had it higher if I just ran further away but I was right next to him trying to freeze him multiple times.

      Definitely best defensive item in the game.

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