Vampire Survivors – XV – Disco of Gold Achievement Guide

A guide showing all the details for survive at least 31 minutes or more, this works for all the achievements of survive more than 31 minutes too!

How to Obtain XV – Disco of Gold Achievement

Note: Credit goes to Pato.


Achievement XV – Disco of gold

  • Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library.

In this run i use Arca Ladonna because of his extra passive which gains -5% cooldown every 10 levels until level 30 (Up to -15% cooldown), i use Hurry mode, thats why the run last less, but you still get the achievement, also you can avoid using it for a easier run, Hyper mode and Arcanas are active too, i choose the arcana Awake, just in case something go wrong and have a chance to recover.

The most important thing is to choise the weapons Clock lancet and Laurel, Clock lancet freeze and stun all the enemies, including death itself, with the cooldown extras is going to be stunning all the enemies quick, and Laurel for a protection if death get too close, you only need to keep moving around, with this 2 weapons you shouldnt have too much troubles, i even remain without moving and survive until minute 39, which is more than enough, this guide was made before the passives for Clock lancet where included in the game, but you can pick the passives and evolve the weapon for an ever most powerfull build.

For the rest of the weapons and passives, you need the Empty tome for reduce even more the cooldown of the weapons, for the remaining, you can modify it with your own preferences, i recommend to pick Song of mana and Santa water, since they are powerfull and safe choices and Crown for a better time leveling.

This build should work for all the achievements of reach stage 31 in the other stages too!

For the weapons i use:

  • Laurel, Clock lancet, Fire wand (default weapon), Garlic, Song or mana and Santa water.

And for the passives i use:

  • Skull o’maniac, Crown, Pummarola, Hollow heart, Spinach, Attractorb and Empty tome.

Here is the full playthrought:

Final stats of the run:

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