Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows of New York – Ending Guide

How to get the two different endings.


This guide contains spoilers!

There is a “Good Ending” achievement and a “Bad Ending” achievement. You get the “good” ending for being hostile, negative, lying. And the opposite for the “bad” ending.

There are five dialogue options in the game where you make a choice that impacts the ending, you’re awarded a trait for your choice in each of these circumstances. I have noted the ending with each trait in the following section.

Dialogue Options

Talking With Mia

It’s a risky play, of course, and might backfire… but maybe I’d benefit if I put my loyalty to the Court into question.

A Camarilla Lapdog?
Loyal only to myself (good ending)

(Nah. Not Worth it.)
Loyal to the end (bad ending)

Agathon’s Fate

I suppose that’s it. still no idea what happened to Agathon. Is he alive? Or is he dead?

Glass Half Full (bad ending)

Glass Half Empty (good ending)

Choosing How to Enter Double Spiral

How do I approach Double Spiral?

[It’s time to be aggressive]
A little abuse of power never hurt nobody (good ending)

[Better stay covert.]
Not into a bad cop schtick (bad ending)

Talking to Torque About the Ring

It might require me to act ♥, but maybe… time to change my approach?

[No. Be brutally honest]
Honesty is the best policy (bad ending)

[Lie, lie, lie through your teeth]
You can’t be a writer and not lie (good ending)

Confronting Kaiser

Do I dare push him to the edge? Make him suffer until he squeaks?

[I will do whatever is necessary]
The ends justify the means (good ending)

[This is a barrier I won’t cross]
No more human, still humane (bad ending)

Dead End Achievement

There’s an achievement for getting the games fail state. When talking to Caren, known to you at the time as ??? choose:

[Don’t shoot]

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  1. I chose the hostile and lying options and still got the Bad Ending; perhaps there are other key options?

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