Vandals – All New York Collectibles

New York Collectibles

Here is a list with all the Polaroids in New York.

  • New York 2-12: On the wooden pallet
  • New York 3-12: Next to the pallet and the concrete pipes
  • New York 4-12: On the right side of the yellow taxi
  • New York 6-12: Behind the “bottle” icon. you can click on the icon to pick it up, no need to move up there
  • New York 7-12: On the platform in front of the “COSMO” grafitti
  • New York 9-12: On the right, next to the burning barrel
  • New York 11-12: Between the trains
  • New York 12-12: You need to move to the other side of the level. the Polaroid is under the green “Dondi” grafitti
Created by ///M.ordecalim

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