Verdant Skies – Resource Guide

Where to find different resources throughout the game. Looked for this information as I played through, myself.

Elemental Materials

Clay – Only on Eastern Island
Copper – Only in Caves
Flowers – Everywhere
Iron Ore – Only in Caves
Lumber – Everywhere
Niter – Only in Caves
Ruby – Only in Caves
Sapphire РOnly in Caves 
Stone – Everywhere


Black Hole Bass – Plains
Dusky Salmon – Plains
Winged Trout -Plains
Citrus Tang – Ocean
Pesky Puffer – Ocean
Startled Sucker – Ocean
Cadet Koi – Mountains
Copper Bubbler – Mountains
Stellar Skimmer – Mountains
Dazed Eel – Wetlands
Golden Darter – Wetlands
Stinky Inky – Wetlands
Freckled Newt – Caves
Polar Prawn – Caves
Trawling Chomper – Caves

Plants and Seeds

Pioneer Pod (Plains): Seeds found only on Eastern Island
Galaxy Gourd (Plains): Seeds found only on Eastern Island

Zaheen’s Bugs

Beginner Bugs – Found in Plains
Intermediate Insects – Found in Wetlands
Expert Entomologist – Found in Mountains
Soothing Selection – Found in Miles’ Store

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