Viaerium – Full Achievement Walkthrough

Ideas and achievements.

Complete Walkthrough with Achievements


“Die” for the first time. Jump off a cliff or hit a magnet blue rock. Don’t be afraid to die. There is little problem for your progression in the stage because you return practically to the same point where you died and none for the achievements because they removed one that you could not die.

Consolation Prize

  • Failure is the first step to succeed. Right?

The Shards of Wisdom are the red balls that you can collect along your knowledge trail until the end of the game. Most are part of the way to the end of each stage. To collect some, you’ll have to go out of the way a bit, but they’re pretty easy to spot.

The Sage

  • Collect all Shards of Wisdom

Go through all the stages going towards the yellow bar at the end until the last stage where there will be a glowing ball. You may have difficulty in some parts if you don’t read the hints inside the game. At the beginning of the first stage, you can start doing double jumps. When jumping on some platforms, your character will perform a super jump. To unlock some elements of the scenery needed to pass the stage, you’ll have to go over some buttons to trigger them.


  • Reach the Council.
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