Victoria 3 – Explanation of Trading

Quick Explanation of Trading

You cant control the increase, it will increase if the trade route is profitable (Basically until your market balances out with theirs plus of minus the tariffs). You can use tariffs to protect domestic industries or to try to encourage exports. KEep in mind everyone else is setting up exporting/importing trade routes from you.

This can be painful in the start before the world economies balance out as things like iron and paper are expensive all around the world, so you build a bunch of iron mines and the ai will just export it cause they are low on iron. As the game goes on though and the supply of iron increases you can import really cheap iron and there isnt really a reason to produce it as all the ais love building iron mines (They pay the laborers ♥♥♥ as time goes on) so I generally will just hold off a bit build paper, bureaucracy and ports to start so I can get importing going. Save the jobs for something which will actually increase standard of living rather than just cause turmoil later.

If you set up a point of interest at the start over by china and russia you can get really cheap wood from russia and really cheap grain from china. Both of those are massive helps at the start. They also set up trade center buildings in your country which pay really good wages and are extremely profitable so this will massively increase your standard of living where those spring up.

Grocery industries turn a massive profit, I usually dont bother setting up export routes the ai will do that for you and it saves you clippers and bureaucracy.

All these are another reason to throw up colonies as this gives you automatic interests in the areas the colonies are so you can overlap with others and get a broader spectrum of trade. Prestige

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