Victoria 3 – How to Reduce Turmoil

How to Reduce Turmoil, besides Violent Suppression?

Apologies if this is telling you what you already know:

  1. Amongst the information in the top right section of the screen there’s a number that tells you how many pops are in turmoil.
  2. If you hover your cursor over that number, that brings up another panel. The text you get in that panel includes a number which tells you the change in the number of pops in turmoil since this time last year (chances are it will be a big red number).
  3. If you hover your mouse over that number, it will then give you another new panel with the list of reasons why pops are in turmoil, and the number due to each cause.
  4. That can include quite a number of factors, each of which need a different approach to address, so first you’ll need to assess which cause is making the biggest amount of your people to turmoil.
  5. Reasons can include, for example, people losing their jobs; for that you can, for example, look to see which buildings are low on productivity and subsidise those buildings. Or another example is that standards of living are reducing, in which case you need to see which commonly-needed goods are increasing in price and then make more (or import more, or export less) of those goods. There are other reasons possible too, but part of the fun of the game can be to work those out for yourself.
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