Victoria 3 – What Are My Pops Buying?

Where to See the Demands / Needs / Purchases for My Pops?

Assuming you don’t mean just the market breakdown (which will tell you what your pops are buying and producing in a broad way, if you’re the only country in your market; if you’re a small country part of the British market it’ll tell you very little about your own people), on the national level if you hover over the Standard of Living (little grain symbol) it’ll break down the living standards by class. You can then hover over the numbers for each class for a breakdown of how much of their income they pay in taxes and how expensive on average their goods are. Hovering over the expense average will break it down further and tell you what percentage of their income goes to what good. If you want to get more granular with it you can go to individual states and find the same information on the state level in the Population tab. And if you click on individual Pop groups like Peasants or Laborers at a particular building and hover over net income, you can get an exact breakdown of their wages vs income and needs, and hovering over needs will tell you exactly how much they’re buying of each product. You can also get the same information from the Workforce tab in a building.

  • This will show you the percentage of their income going to what goods. That’s from hovering over Standard of Living, and then average percent they pay (-3.8% in my picture).
  • This is from hovering over Net Income, and then the amount for Needs. If you hover over the amounts for the different categories you can see in specific numbers how many of each good they buy. Obviously these are just peasants so they don’t buy a whole lot, wealthier pops will have a more diverse range of goods they buy, and generally their biggest cost isn’t grain.
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