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Monster Guide: Doll Master

Doll Master is the most complicated monster currently and tons of fun!


Doll Trap

After focusing for 1 seconds, the Doll Master places a Doll Trap on the map. A Doll Trap detects living teens up to 22 meters away by changing icon color.

A Doll Trap is selected by centering the screen on it, allowing use of Doll Possession and Doll Teleport.

If a teen walks or runs within 1.75 meters of a Doll Trap, it will become Alarmed for 6 seconds and then self-destruct. While Alarmed, the focus time required for using Powers on that Doll Trap is reduced by 50%.

Doll Traps can be placed while the Doll Master is in the Banished state.

A maximum of 5 Doll Traps can be on the map at a time. Each time a Doll Trap is disarmed or a Doll is destroyed, this number is decreased, to a minimum of 2.

Hitting teens will recover a lost Doll Trap, and suffering a Wound will reset the Doll Trap count to maximum.

Doll Possession

After focusing for 1.4 seconds, the Doll Master possesses a selected Doll Trap for up to 30 seconds.

Doll Jump (While Possessing Doll)

After focusing for 1 second, you can quickly jump forward. Being damaged during the leap reduces the distance jumped slightly.

Cooldown 8 seconds.

A possessed Doll may use Doll Possession to switch control to another Doll Trap and refresh the possession time.

While possessing a Doll, if any weapons get within 22 meters of the Doll Master a colored border will appear around the screen to alert the player.

If a possessed Doll is destroyed by a weapon, the Doll Master will be Exposed for 13 seconds.

Cooldown 12 seconds.

Doll Teleport

After focusing for 1 seconds the Doll Master instantly travels to selected Doll Trap, destroying it in the process.

Cooldown 60 seconds.


After focusing for ? seconds, the possessed Doll can jump forward 6 meters over 1 second.

Cooldown 8 seconds.

Map: Hotel

Lore: From within the walls of an abandoned hotel, summon the craftiest of creatures. The Dollmaster haunts his victims with a deadly lullaby before whittling their petrified bones into his precious children. Set traps, possess dolls for wicked deeds, and disappear into the darkness.

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