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Monster Guide: Werewolf



After focusing for 0.8 seconds, their run, lunge, and vault speed are increased by 24% and their movement speed while recovering from a missed attack by 14% for 12 seconds.

Increases Tension Track by 5% while berserking.

Cooldown: 24 seconds. (3 second forced cooldown after hitting a teen)


After focusing for 1 seconds, the Werewolf lets out a terrifying Howl, causing all living teens within 30 meters to Cower in fear. Cowering teens are unable to attack or perform most actions for 8.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 28 seconds.


After focusing for 1.5 seconds, the Werewolf enters a Hunting state for 25 seconds. While in this state they will be able to detect the presence of any living teens up to 24 meters away via a Heartbeat sound that increases in frequency the closer teens are.

Cooldown: 55 seconds.

General Strategy

Werewolf is the fastest Monster naturally, with Berserk increasing that even more. Use berserk right before you howl during engagements, so you’re not wasting time with the channel. WW is the most vulnerable Monster, requiring the teens to waste ammo or be downed to lose their weapons. the combination of Berserk and the fact that your hitbox is so low to the ground when you’re running makes you a surprisingly difficult target to hit. Whenever you swing, slow down, back up or stand still your hitbox goes from all 4’s to standing up.

Howl is a strong ability that acts like a Scream, but has some rules. It cannot disable remote weapons (RC flyer, Eye, Solar Flare) or projectiles in the air (Firebomb + slingshot). It won’t cleanse damage, nor can it be increased by Screamfest. You also stand still when you’re actually howling, so you can be an easy target if you do it at the wrong time. The general loop is berserk, get closer to Teens, howl, and then chase them down. Teens will try to counter you by spreading out so that not all of them are affected. Don’t be afraid to take things slower if you’re unsure you’ll get the hit.

Hunt is a very effective ability, but can take some getting used to. When you’re close to a teen you’ll hear a slow heartbeat. The outside of your screen will also flash red more often the closer you are to a teen. When you’re within 5m, it will beat REALLY fast. think of it like playing the game Hot and Cold. Faster beats/flashes = closer to teen. Slower beats/none mean there’s no one close. You can use this before going up stairs or around hallways to see if there’s an ambush up ahead for you as well.

Map: Pine Bluff High School

Lore: Unleash the Werewolf and strike fear into the heart of your enemy with this mythical and maniacal creature. Terrorize high school hallways with a relentless hunt, berserk speed, and a devastating howl. Ferocious and feral, no full moon is needed to feel this ancient wrath.

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