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Monster Role

It’s you against a team of 4 teens. While the Teens’ gameplay doesn’t change much depending on their character choice, The monsters’ does.

Currently there are 3 Monsters to choose from! Each one will have their own section going over their powers, perks and mutations below! This section will explain basic strategies you can use with any of them!

Although you appear as a teen in the lobby and for the first 17 seconds of a match, this is not a reliable way to fool the teens. With the amount of communication available, there’s a good chance they won’t be fooled by you running up to them.

If you don’t want to immediately change to start setting down dolls, you can take advantage of your lack of a 35 meter Terror Track by checking crafting stations. A running Teen’s footsteps can be heard 20 meters away, so you can get close to a crafting table to hear if anyone is working on that station before they notice you. Crafting stations make noise 35m away, though they’re louder with multiple teens working on a single one.

If you find a teen before you transform, aim your camera on potential exits to see which way they go! If you don’t see or hear them run, there’s a good chance they’re still in the room!

Beginning Advice

Take your time to learn the maps

Teens make different sound footsteps depending on where they are. Understanding which rooms make which noise will take time and patience. This game’s tracking is largely based on sound so you need to learn to understand what exactly you’re hearing.

Don’t run in a straight line

Ambushes are extremely effective against monsters. Teens can be hiding around EVERY corner, and you need to minimize your chances of being caught off guard. Don’t run down a hallway, see if you can take an alternate path. Sometimes it’s better to take a few steps back before going up stairs or a hallway to see if anyone pops out with a weapon. the more you GET ambushes, the more you’ll be able to recognize the best spots to be cautious around.

Learn what all the weapons do

“Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated” A cheesy quote but one that hold true. Did you know that you can’t use Howl to get a teen out of a shocksphere? What about the range of an enigma being 12m, and the raygun having a 40m range. The Flamethrower can shoot for 9.5 seconds and only needs 2 seconds to kill you, meaning they can kill you almost 5 times before it’s out of juice. Go into the training area or play teen matches yourself so you can better play against them.

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