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What Are Prizes in VHS?

This guide is a bit sparse but also long winded. Basically you have point boosters, an addition Monster ability that resets on 8-11 hits, map chance increases, the ability to start with an item as a teen, chances to spawn away from the monster or close to teens, and either extra or fewer item spawns on the map. I’ll tweak this as it goes, there’s a quick video at the bottom that basically says all of this.

Prizes are something you can bring with you into the match that give you a benefit. Some will simply affect your score; granting you more experience at the end of the match, while others will grant you advantages in games.

You earn prizes through a character’s journey and through prize boxes you gain from leveling up or purchasing with in game currency in the shop.

Prizes come in 4 different rarities, and certain movie scenes require specific rarities and types.

The first prize type we’ll talk about are score boosters.

Your inventory of score boosters are shared between Monsters and Teens. They boost different but similar categories, for example- onslaught and fight scores are both mostly earned through damaging the other side. It’s important to note that for movie scenes that require you to earn a minimum score in a category, boosts are NOT counted.

Map offerings can also be used by either side. They’re very straight forward, choose this prize if you wish to go to a specific map. If both sides bring a map prize, it’s random as to which one will be chosen!

These next few prizes can only be brought by the teen side.

Stash prizes add one additional pickup to spawn somewhere on the map. I don’t believe these actually affect additional wastebaskets or vending machines to be powered on and only have them laying around somewhere. Leo has a great perk to help you to find them!

Unlike stash prizes, These rare prizes allow you to spawn into the map already holding an item! These are very strong, as you don’t have to spend time searching around the map for your prize!

Next are spawn prizes. These affect where you spawn in at the beginning of the match, either Away from the monster and next to a weapon station, away from the monster and with another teen, or simply spawn away from everyone. These can be really nice to ensure that you’re much safer from getting caught early on.

The last teen prize is called Black Magic and it affects the Book of the Dead! It can give you one of 4 different effects chosen randomly.

Reducing the lockbox puzzles down from 4 to 1.

Bringin back the teen into a healthy state instead of an injured one giving them 100% more life, which lets them take a few extra hits, or reduce the noise while rezzing for a stealthy insult to God.

Interesting enough, you can stack 4 of these offerings and it will apply all of them, making for super easy resurrections

Now on to the Monster ONLY.

As a counter to bringing snacks, the monster can deny them from spawning. These can really help hinder the extra supplies the teens might have brought, or punish them for not bringing any at all.

Plagues are an additional monster ability. You have one use at the start of the match, and you get another use after you’ve hit enough teens. Since games are typically 20-30 hits, you can get about 2 to 3 uses on average.

Late fees are in their own category. At the start of the match, you can wait an additonal 7 seconds before you transform, meaning you have 21 seconds to run around and find a teen. Once you find them, your transformation duration is halved, meaning whichever poor player you find will have very little chance to run or hide.

The LAST and most rare prize is the Mouse Trap.

This cheeky little prize spawns every player in the same spot, causing a mad dash from all the teens: as they’ve spawned far from crafting stations and in the open. The monster can quickly transform and chase down one or two teens before any weapons are made. This CAN be countered by the teens bringing their own spawn prizes but as you can’t tell what the monster is bringing before hand, you may just get unlucky. Personally I prefer to announce a “dance party” while we’re in the lobby; where we all dance as teens for a few seconds at the start of the match, and then I leave them be for a minute to get started on weapons; but to each their own.

This is a somewhat outdated guide but it still works as an overview for the prizes:

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