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Sounds in VHS has interesting logic behind it and can take a little bit to get used to.

Sounds is affected by walls. Sound travels Only Through Open Sections. IF you are downstairs in High School, and the monster is directly above you; they are technically 8~ meters away. Since there is a solid wall between you, you won’t hear them. There is 1 exception to this rule!

Look at the below examples for a visual example.

If sound wasn’t stopped by walls, this is how it would look. Red is the Terror Track(35m), yellow is the Footstep distance (20m)

How Sound Works in VHS

The pink is the path the sound travels (also how a scream would travel).

Basically, even if you’re within 35m from the Monster themselves, you might not hear the radius if the shortest straight line path through an opening is further than that. Footsteps can be heard through walls up to 10m away, but are an exception. This provides better tracking when chasing right next to doorways and such.

This also is the logic behind Doll Detection, Crafting tables, Rift spawns/shockwaves, and Monster Screams!

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