Video Horror Society – Teen Items

Teen Items

Teen can utilize additional items to help them in their fight to survive!

They can be found spawned in around the map, grabbed out of containers, or brought in to the map with you by using a Prize!

Chompie bars

Chompie bars allow you to heal 1 hit worth of HP(22% of max HP)

When you eat a Chompie, you gain the “FED” status effect. The FED status effect lasts for 7 seconds. For the first 4 seconds, your health doesn’t change. During the last 3 seconds, you gain health over time. Taking damage during those 7 seconds will immediately cancel the effect.

Be aware that eating a chompie while healthy doesn’t benefit you, unless the monster is enraged. It’s best used if you’re injured but want to push a weapon, giving you more time on the ground; or after you’ve been hit in chase while critical and healthy. e

Crash Colas

Crash Colas give you a movement speed increase for a short while. The movement speed applies over 1 seconds once you drink it, giving you about a 30% movementspeed increase for 4 seconds. You run as fast as a berserking Werewolf, but not for long.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies allow all the teens to see each others’ static aura.


You can spend a second setting up a noisemaker on the ground. If the monster gets within 4m of the Noisemaker, it triggers: showing the teens the Monster’s aura for 5 seconds. it emits a noise while set up, so putting it in high traveled spots will force the monster to walk in to it.

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