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Teen Role

The Teens are a team of 4 that have to work together to kill the Monster. Your goal is to craft weapons and attempt to destroy the Monster’s “Stigmas” to win the game! Every game ends with 1 team dying, so there’s no escape. Utilizing communication, items, cunning and guile will ensure you come out on top!

You win the game as a teen by hitting the monster fully with each 1 of the 4 stigma types: Shock, Curse, Burn, and Purify. There are tables that spawn in somewhere in the map that you have to locate and start working at to craft weapons. Each table has a specific type associated with it and gives you the option to craft 1 of the 3 weapons. It takes 42 seconds on average to craft a weapon and each table generates a unique sound in a 35m radius. The monster’s terror Track is also 35m, so if you can hear it, the Monster can hear you crafting.

Teen Health States

  • Healthy
  • Injured
  • Prone
  • Critical

Teens all start Healthy. They make slight breathing sounds while standing, so they CAN still be found if they’re hiding close to the monster.

After being hit with a Monster’s attack, they become injured. Injured teens make more verbal noises while injured (whimpers and gasps) which make them easier to track. They also leave a trail of Chromatic Aberration that dispensary after 3 seconds.

If a teen is hit while they’re injured they become prone. In the prone state, they can move around but require the help of another teen to come over and pick them up. While prone, you can release a spectral which let’s you fly around and collect “LUMA”.

Each luma pick up will increase the progress of your prone bar, allowing for teens to pick you up quicker. If you need to crawl around while prone, you can sometimes getting a skill check that can increase or decrease your movement speed shortly, depending on if you’re successful.

Teen Health Bar

Each hit from the monster will remove 22% of your maximum health. the perk Lethal weapon, as well as WART’s mutation Toxic can increase the amount of health removed per hit. Each second you’re on the ground reduces your remaining health by around .2% per second. on average, going prone after your 5th hit will kill you. A purple skull will appear by your character’s portrait to indicate that your health is low enough for you to die.

Dead Teen

Zombie Teen

Zombie teen brough back with the book of the dead.

THe book of the dead is a 1 time use item that spawns in a random area in the map. Which room it spawns in is random but the spot in the room is always the same. It takes 4 minigame puzzles to open and the sound of the box being opened travels 30m. Resurrecting a teen is similar to healing them and also can be heard about 35m away.

Zombies make additional grunting noises, making them VERY easy to find if they’re hiding.

Teens can communicate effectively with each other as well!

Movement Speed


  • Running: 5m/s (100%)
  • Walking: 50%
  • Crouching: 25%


  • WART, Dollmaster, Doll: 112% (5.6m/s)
  • Werewolf: 116% (5.8m/s)
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