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Note: Credit goes to bunbunHD

Weapons are the #1 resource teens have in the game. Running will only get you so far, you’ll have to fight back if you want a chance to survive.

When you first start playing, you only have 1 weapon in each category unlocked. You will gain Experience by crafting the weapon(200xp per craft) and damaging the monster! (about 600~ for a strike).

To unlock the next weapon, craft that type of weapon! For example, crafting a Flamethrower in game will eventually unlock the Firebomb!

You can then craft either the Firebomb OR Flamethrower in a match to unlock the Solar Flare! Once a weapon is unlocked, it’s always available as a choice to craft in a match.

Earning experience with specific weapons will also level up that weapon. This unlocks mods that change how that weapon functions in game! They normally have…

There are 4 damage types, each with 3 weapons that can be crafted. The average crafting speed is 42 seconds; while some base weapons can be required faster but needing extra charging away from a crafting table. These will be marked with a ** symbol below!

CROSS7m42 Sec28
SLINGSHOTinfinite42 Sec1 shot
SACRED STAFF **12m27 Sec28

** Sacred staff requires about 1 full heal and 1/3rd of another teen’s HP to become charged (based on % healed and not time spent healing). If there aren’t any teens in need of healing, the charge will automatically start to charge at a rate of 3.3% per second. Reviving a downed teen will not fill the charge meter, only healing from injured to healthy. You can heal yourself 15% faster with a staff, anywhere on the map.

Flamethrower9m42 Sec22
Fire Bomb0-50m35 Sec1 bottle is 9 sec burn
Solar Flare*8.2m42 Sec25

* The Solar flare is placed in a spot and stays in one spot. You can shoot it remotely from anywhere on the map.

Raygun40m42 Sec9
RC Flyer9m beam42 Sec28
Shock Sphere **0m27 SecInstant on contact
20 second flight
8 charge minumum

** Shock Sphere requires running to 3 different spots on the map and channeling for 5~ seconds each on a charging station. Stations recharge slowly so moving to a new one is recommended. Takes 3.5 weapon charges before you’re flying, and slowly increases your speed over 5 seconds until you’re faster than any monster.

Cursed SwordForever42 Sec2 swings
Enigma **12m37 Sec28 shot
Evil Eye0m42 SecInstant on Contact
25 sec flighttime

** Enigma requires you to be within the Monster’s Tension loop(35m) to begin charging. It charges faster depending on how close you are to the monster, as quick as 7 second if you have direct line of sight and are within 12m of the monster but can take up to 40 if you’re at the edge. It emits a noise within 10m while charging.

Weapons can be difficult to use. The hitboxes are really accurate, but also fair. Wart is long so the Devs snipped part of his tail so make it more fair for Monster players. Understanding where you can hit will make the difference in getting the strike, or letting them wiggle out.

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