Viking Rise: Valhalla – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (with Useful Tips)

Starting Tips

Understand the purpose of the game

Viking Rise is a strategy game where you have to build and develop your own viking village, form an army and fight other players to conquer new territories. The goal of the game is to become the greatest viking chef by earning prestige points and building the largest village.

Start with village construction

The first step is to build your village by gathering resources such as food, wood, stone and gold. You can build different buildings such as houses, farms, sawmills and mines to collect these resources.

Developing the Army

In addition to building the village, you must also develop your army by training Viking warriors and improving their equipment. You can use your army to defend your village against attacks from other players or to attack enemy villages and conquer new territories.

Participate in quests and events

To earn prestige points and additional rewards, you can participate in quests and special events in the game. It will also help you learn new skills and improve your gaming strategy.

Interact with other players

Viking Rise is a multiplayer game, so you can interact with other players by joining an alliance or forming your own alliance. By joining an alliance, you can cooperate with other players to attack enemy villages, share resources and earn prestige points.

Heroes & Army Formations

I see many players put wrong army formations when they attack players or monsters so I’ll explain what I know about PVE and PVP.

In PVP and PVP you don’t put Porters when you attack, you put them on ur troops only when you killed all the army of the player you attacked to loot better than other troops.

PVE: (Monsters – Neiflungs – Lairs Etc)

The best hero for it is Leidolf and he is easy to upgrade his talents so you should pair him with Ivor or any hero you focus on, he gives you extra exp too.

PVP: Player vs Player

Many heros are good in PVP like:

Verdandi + Artur but when you go with this pair of heros you should only archers in the army formation bec the talents of the heroes buffs them.

  • Liard + Yveete put pikemen only.
  • Their talent buff Pikemen.
  • Jenns + George put infantry only.
  • Their talent buffs infantry.

And if you don’t focus on those heros there are others to focus on like Ivor & Wooder or Ivor & Olena.

The army formations are important bec:

  • Infantry overpower archers
  • Pikemen overpower Infantry
  • Archers overpower Pikemen

So when you scout ur enemy and see his army try to send ur army formation to defeat him easily without losing many troops.

Example: If he has many infantries put more pikemen to counter him

If you go with Hero his attribute isn’t PVP but leader it’s ok too bec he can lead any troop that you put with him like Ivor, Ivana etc

If you dont have heros like Verdandi + Artur for pvp etc.. you can put formation for pvp like this. 30% infantry 30% Pikemen 40% archers with Heros have Leader Attribute.

Tips, Recommendations and Events

The first recommendation is to spend the gems we get. The most recommended is to raise prosperity.

When prosperity rises, you receive delicious daily rewards by opening a chest, such as this one at level 7.

Also, as you increase the level of prosperity, sections of the prosperity store are unlocked, where there are very good discounts, either for crystals or for resources that are very important. These items reset weekly, so don’t forget to get them if you’re interested in them. Here you have an example of a few of them. They are interesting, aren’t they?

As far as you remember, try to use your gems mainly to increase the level of prosperity, since it is something that will serve you a lot in the long term.

Now we get into the clan section. It is advisable to be in a clan with active people. The reasons are diverse:

  • Belonging to an active guild helps you when it comes to completing and performing assists that reduce the duration of your research and constructions. In this way you save time accelerators to finish your constructions.
  • You will also receive chests from your teammates, either from purchases they made or from rallies to eliminate enemy elite commanders.
  • You also receive resources through the resources that are within the domain of the alliance territory.
  • There are alliance events, which upon completion will receive rewards.

Now we go to the heroes section. First we will start with the blue commanders, although it seems that they are not important, these commanders have a very important function, and that is that they have resource collection bonuses, so they are the best commanders to collect resources (a material that we always need to construction, research or recruitment of troops).

They are also commanders who can be promoted easily. So these commanders have an important use in the game. The best troops to collect are the carriers, because they double the carrying capacity of other types of troops (spearmen, archers or infantry), so although these troops are not useful for fighting, they are useful for collecting.

On the subject of commanders for pve/pvp, it is advisable to use purple or gold commanders (a purple commander with 3 ascended stars is more useful than a golden one with only 1 ascended star).

At the beginning of the game it is complicated, because we try to recruit all types of troops at the same time, since we do not have troops and we need them, but as we progress, we will improve our armies, and we will use the main and secondary commander of the same type (already be both infantry, pikemen, archers) because commanders have special bonuses for that type of troops, Cecia is an infantry type commander, and has 3 special bonuses for infantry. So if you join the 2 commanders of the same style of units, they will receive that type of units the troop bonuses of that commander.

Let’s not forget the counters of the troop types:

  • The archer does more damage to the spearman, the spearman to the infantry, and the infantry does more damage to the archer (they all do more damage to the carriers, that’s why they are not used to fight, but only to gather resources).

Finally, the commanders Ivor and Leidolf are commanders that instead of having bonuses for specific types of troops, their bonuses refer to all types of troops in general, but with a small reduction in benefits with respect to the commanders that are specified. of a single type of troop. Therefore, they can be used to fight with other commanders if we only have one commander of one type of troop.

Ways to Increase Commander Experience

There are several ways to increase commander experience:

  • Experience can be gained through hero experience books.
  • It is recommended to use commander Leidolf, along with another secondary commander, the reason is because he has a 26% experience bonus when fighting against Niflungs and neutral troops.
  • Experience is gained by fighting Niflungs and neutral troops. Normal niflungs get 500 experience, spending 50 energy, while against niflung leaders, you get 1050 experience spending 150 energy. So although you get a little more experience attacking normal niflung, remember that the niflung leaders then offer a chest for the entire alliance, so you may be more interested in those 450 less experience for the reward for the entire alliance. (These experience values are without bonuses or anything, if Leidolf were used, that % more would have to be added)
  • Eliminating turtles (2500 experience) or octopus (10000 experience). The good thing about these neutral troops is that they don’t consume energy, so we can use several marches at the same time, even if they are weak, so that we simply give them a couple of hits and move away so they don’t kill those weak secondary marches. In this way when they are defeated, we will also receive experience with those marches even if they barely fought. You must also remember that to defeat these neutral troops, you must agree on a time to gather a group of people from the alliance and do it at the same time, since they are quite strong and it is difficult for 1 or 2 people alone to defeat them.

Increase commander skill experience:

  • It is important to improve the level of the skills of the commanders, so in this way these skills give better benefits, and for that you can use the skill experience objects or the blue shards, which we can use to increase the skills of purple abilities or golden. There are different ways to get them without using crystals or using them, but with great discounts:
  • It is the skill shop using rss, which appears a couple of times a day, and we will see how the game tells us when it appears and when it leaves, since it lasts a couple of hours.
  • Another would be with the prosperity merchant, where we can acquire the tomes of experience for crystals, but at a 40% discount.
  • By attacking and defeating Niflungs, whether normal or elite, in addition to the experience of the heroes, we will also receive experience tomes to use with the commanders we want.

Skill Store:

A very important place, since in it we can obtain experience to raise the skills of the commanders, simply using resources, a material that is obtained very easily with gathering.

Every store update, we can get 7k-8k experience. The first 3 times are free, so we can get around 21-24k experience using just a little more resources. Then we can update the store 2 more times using 200 gems in each update. So that would be another 14k-16k of experience. So at the end of the day we can get 35k-40k experience to increase the level of the commanders skills, using only 400 gems.

It is a way to get a very important boost to maximize the skill, something very important for pvp-pve.

Merchant Clan:

It is a place where you can get gold or purple commanders. To unlock it, you first need to have a total of 50 workers. Then you will need worker coins, which can be obtained from the clan camp, through the commission requirements and exploration map tasks.

The merchant clan store can be updated 2 times a day for free, and the purchases that can be made, once completed, are reset weekly, so don’t forget to make them weekly to improve your heroes.

Leidolf in Hiding:

This is a very simple event, but at the same time very important, since it is a way to get Leidolf’s shard quickly and easily.

It consists of first killing normal Niflung, once you kill them, they will drop you a chest, and in that chest, there is a % chance that you will get Iron Bell. When you open the Iron Bell, it will appear on the Vanguard Leidolf map, which by killing him in rally form, you will have a high chance of obtaining Leidolf’s shard. So to run this event, simply unite with your guildmates and hunt down Vanguard Leidolf.

Possibly one of the most important things in the game when you start. This consists in that it is deposited as a “deposit”, in the first case of 2500 crystals for 24 hours and you receive those rewards, when those 24 hours pass they return the 2500 crystals, so you do not lose anything, it is like an investment with 100% of benefit.

You can do the same with the 5000 crystals that lasts 3 days and the 15000 crystals that lasts 5 days. So you can do it progressively, if you don’t have many crystals at the beginning, and as you unlock one, you go to the next one, or all 3 at the same time if you have enough crystals. This event is only for the first 14 days of creating your new character, so don’t forget to do it. Remember to save all your crystals for the first few days for this, and do not spend them.

Upgrade Troops:

You can upgrade troops t1 to t3 or t2 to t3. That is, you can upgrade the troops of lower rank to the maximum rank. Simply in the same barracks of the type of troops, you give upgrade.

Recommendation: Never have more resources on top of those that can be stolen from you, in this way, even if they attack you, they will never be able to steal those resources from you. If your warehouse can store the amount of resources you see in the image, as long as you don’t exceed those resources, no matter how much they attack you, they won’t be able to steal those resources. And when you need more resources, simply as soon as you have them on top, you use them and the rest of the resources are safe again.

Quick recommendation of which commander to use:

  • If you are f2p, I recommend Ivor and Leidolf, they are 2 pretty good commanders and easy to obtain. You can try to get a golden commander, but it will take you a little time, and when choosing you can choose if you are more interested in one of infantry, pikemen or archers, that is more to your liking.
  • If you are a small spender Yvette with Laird is a pretty strong combination, but you can also use Yvette with another commander, but Yvette as main.

Regarding the recommended skills of the game, it can be seen as follows:

You have to choose those skills that may interest you the most from among those that are recommended, due to different combinations of troops or commanders that you want to use.

Divination Shack:

Quite an interesting place, where you can get increases in building acceleration %, recruiting troops and research for 10 minutes. It is interesting if you are going to carry out large investigations or constructions, since you will get a percentage reduction, or if you are going to recruit large amounts of units.

If you are not going to do any of these, so that it does not accumulate, the most advisable thing is the general speedrun, the first option, since you get a minimum of 675 seconds, up to a multiple of x10 of that time if it is critical. So you can get a lot of acceleration for free like that.

Village Theme:

There are 4 villages in total and there are 3 types of village:

The first Village is Mining Village and in this village you mine daily gems. So it is important to have some to have a constant flow of gems. At first we will not notice that we win many, but as we develop it, the increase will be noticeable.

In addition, the capacity of the mine can be increased according to the hero that we send to manage it.

Commerce Village:

In this mine, what we get are accelerators, be it construction, troops, research, healing, or generals. As we develop it further, there will be more chances of getting better accelerators.

Safety Village:

Here we get tomes of experience for heroes. Also from lvl 16, we will obtain materials that we can use to equip the heroes.

So when choosing what type you want your village to be, that is already according to the taste of the people. In my case, I always like to have 1 of each, and since there are 4 in total, I have 2 of gems, because it is something that we are always going to use and it is like “the global currency of the game” that with it you can buy everything in the game

There are different types of currencies in the game, and each currency has a use:

Gold: It can be obtained through rewards either by killing mobs, alliance chests, events… So keep them for future use. – You can use them in research (T3-T7)

  • You can use them for training troops (T3-T7)
  • You can use them for Healing Troops
  • You can use them for forging Items.

Clan bronze coin: This currency can be used to hire workers, to purchase products in the clan merchant.

It can be obtained mainly from the clan camp by doing commissions, but also through staging post by doing some quests and killing Niflung leaders.

Member credits: It can be obtained by opening any tribe chest, you can also get 10,000 daily member credits by helping tribemates in research and construction, making donations in tribe research and helping in the completion of construction of tribe buildings.

With these credits you can buy boosters, production boost, battle boost, prosperity points, shield, relocators and hero experience.

Finally, the gems: It is possibly the most important game currency, with it you can buy almost everything in the game, either through the prosperity merchant (with succulent discounts), or tavern keeper. You can get accelerators, prosperity, boost, resources…

It can be obtained in many ways, through events, missions, tribe chests, beating Niflung… there are many ways to get it. Use them wisely, because with them you can acquire anything you need.

Squad Base:

I forgot to comment on this building in the past. This building is a way of passively getting experience for heroes. You just have to assign the heroes in the building, and you will be able to increase the experience of your heroes without problems. So it is another way to increase the experience of the heroes. In addition, it offers a small percentage bonus to recruit speed reduction.

Decoration Item:

These items every 8 hours, have a percentage of offering you a shard or resources, so don’t forget to put them in your city.

Ways to Move the City:

There are different ways to move the city from one place to another and each one has a different function:

  • Random Relocator: Move the city to a random area of the map.
  • Territory Recolocator: Move the city to an area within the tribe’s territory without any problem.
  • Fixed Relocator: Move the city to a specific place that you decide (It cannot pass ports if they are not captured, so it has limitations).

You can get them through the Prosperity Merchant with a discount for gems, also through the Tavern Keeper for gems, but without a discount. Finally, they can also be obtained with Member Credits, buying it in the tribe store.

Finally, in Manage City, you can get a free Free Relocation every 3 days.

Manage City:

Shows current active buffs and buffs that can be applied with items in your bag.

Divination Shack:

A building that, although it may go unnoticed at first, plays a very important role, because in addition to the fact that it can be obtained in the rss, accelerators and gems, its main function is the section of active buffs that last 10 minutes (that is, it can be They activate and for 10 minutes, for example, during those 10 minutes that buff is activated and any construction or research process that you carry out will benefit, at the end of those 10 minutes if you activate another new construction, it will not be affected by that buff, so you would have to activate it again if you do new research or constructions), which can offer to reduce a percentage of the times, or resources of the recruitment of troops, construction of buildings, processes of forging equipment, research or healing troops wounds.

For example, you have 10 minute buff activate where you have increase capacity recruit troops, % reduction time recruit troops and % rss you need use to recruit troops .

So, for example, when you go to carry out a series of investigations or constructions that require a lot of time or resources, with Divination Shack you can activate these 10-minute active buffs.

Infirmary and troops wounded or killed when attacking according to different ways:

One of the most important buildings in the game, at first it is not very important, but as the game progresses its importance will be. One of the main reasons is that you can have a maximum of 4 Infirmaries, each Infirmary at level 25 can accommodate 100,000 wounded soldiers. So if for example you have all 4 Infirmary at level 25, you could have up to 400,000 wounded soldiers. So in the event that your city is attacked, you would not lose that number of soldiers, but rather you would have to heal them, which is much more profitable than re-recruiting them, so in this way you would ensure that you always have a significant number of soldiers.

I also go through a list of the different ways troops would get hurt or killed.

Grunt Zone: Remember that you can have up to 50,000 porters(their use is to collect resources) that are in another place apart from healing and would not directly enter the wounded section with the rest of the types of soldiers.

Also remember not to exceed the capacity of the infirmary, otherwise seriously injured troops will be killed.

Increase Troop Capacity:

To increase the capacity of the troops there are 2 ways. The first by increasing your hero’s level (this value is not fixed and depends on the level of the hero you use), and the second through “Marching Capacity” research(this value is fixed, and works for all heroes).

Odin’s Grace:

It is a building that is unlocked after defeating Odin through quests. This building’s function is that every 24 hours, all the troops that during the 24 hours of the game, from 0:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC, have been killed, 10% of all those troops come back to life. So you at least recover 10% of the dead troops that have occurred on that day.

Ascend Workers:

One of the most important features, since it reduces the time in general, be it construction, research or whatever… So you can save a lot of accelerators, since one of its reductions is by percentage, so according to Times are increasing, be it construction, research… times are also being reduced.

Only legendary workers can be promoted. And to get a badge to upgrade it, you have to Dismiss Legendary Worker.

1 Star: 1
2 Star: 1
3 Star: 1
4 Star: 2
5 Star: 2

(Do not forget that sometimes you can have the worker in exploration, and that is why it does not let you upgrade or resign it)

Every time we promote a star under construction, it reduces by 5% and 10 min. On the other hand, in research it is 4% and 10 min, which increases each time we raise a star.

So it’s best to have a legendary builder and a research builder with top stars for builds and research, and the rest to be lower grade. You will notice and a lot of savings in accelerators.

Exemple max workers:

Prestige Shop:

It is a special store that is unlocked when you reach prestige level 15 in Staging Post. Once the prestige shop is unlocked, you get points through daily Staging post quests, new quests are added every 8 hours, and it’s like an extra reward of points you get by completing these quests.

This special store resets all its items every week, so every week you can exchange x items. Among the items, you can find chests for equipment forging materials, boosters, resources, territory relocator or gathering boost buffs.

(8 hour speed is from equipment reforging).

I’ve also seen people asking when beast lairs, buildings, ports are unlocked…, they didn’t see a timer. The answer is found in the chronicles. As the chronicles are completed and the times that each chapter of each chronicle lasts, those things will be unlocked.

As long as you don’t have marches performing any function, use them to collect resources, it’s always good to have resources, and it’s a way to get resources continuously, so before having marches in your city without doing anything, send them to collect resources by the map.

And finally, do all kinds of events that are active in the game on that day.

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