Volcano Princess – Father’s Example – Early Game Guide

Set a good example for your daughter in the beginning of the game! List of interactions and their outcomes to achieve a good score.

Guide to Early Game

Initial Choice – Basics

At the start of a new game, you’ll be asked what type of father you want to be. The options are as follows:

  • “The father who makes his daughter feel safe”
  • This choice causes your score to be judged based on the Kind and Intelligental values.
  • “The father who makes his daughter proud”
  • This choice causes your score to be judged based on the Kind and Brave values.
  • “The father who dotes on his daughter”
  • This choice causes your score to be judged based on the Kind and Gentle values.
  • Over the next 6 days, you will be able to raise your above two desired values based on your conversations with the townspeople and the example you set for your daughter via your choices.
  • You can check your current standing at any time via the blue circle icon located in the bottom left of the screen.

Day 1

Only one conversation today, and it’s prompted at home talking to your daughter. This is not missable.

“A little secret at the age of five! How intriguing…”

  • Papa respects your secrets (+4 Kind, +12 Gentle)
  • Every warrior has their unique treasure chest! (+15 Brave)
  • Papa remembers something interesting… (+4 Kind, +12 Intelligental)
  • I need to look under the bed! (+4 Lame)

Day 2

Starting today, travel via the Map to each location and talk with the following townspeople.

Lazy Soldier – Meet at the Family Restaurant

  • It’s alright if you don’t want to work hard (+7 Kind, +7 Gentle)
  • People should try their best! (+15 Brave)
  • I heard there are some interesting rumors about the warrior (+15 Intelligental)
  • It’s not good to be lazy (+12 Brave)

Magic Creatures Scholar – Meet at the Family Restaurant

  • Talk about octopus’ ancestors (+15 Intelligental)
  • Fiddle with magical creature’s flesh pieces (+2 Lame)
  • Confirm the parts for ingredients (+15 Brave)
  • Help the scholar with turning the limbs (+12 Kind, +2 Gentle)

Soothsayer – Meet at the Lake

  • Courage becomes stronger with practice! (+15 Brave)
  • I’ll teach her to protect herself (+15 Intelligental)
  • I’ll teach her how to communicate friendly (+15 Gentle)
  • Let daughter decide for herself (+12 Kind)

Day 3

Farmer’s Wife – Meet at the Lake

  • We should help each other out (+15 Gentle)
  • It’s better to have more people around (+15 Intelligental)
  • Ask them to follow the rules in Volcano Kingdom (+12 Brave)

Actress – Meet at the Family Restaurant

  • He found out the secrets to the forest (+15 Intelligental)
  • The satisfaction from pursuing power (+15 Brave)
  • He has a promise to keep (+15 Gentle)

Day 4

Vagabond – Meet at the Family Restaurant

  • Confess with her straight away! (+15 Brave)
  • Start with being friends with her (+15 Gentle)
  • Do you really know her? (+3 Intelligental, +10 Kind)

Writer – Meet at the Family Restaurant

  • Write about the warrior and the dragon (+12 Brave)
  • Write about warrior and romance (+12 Gentle)
  • Write about the warrior’s intelligence (+15 Intelligental)

Lost Child – Meet at the Lake

  • This choice does affect your score, but it also gives a +2 to either your Stamina, Intelligental, or Charisma stat. I’d recommend making this choice based on that since you can still reach 100 points without this one.
  • You’re strong, strong enough to be a knight (+2 Stamnia, +6 Brave)
  • Dodging your homework? (+2 Mind, +6 Intelligental)
  • Real knights bring justice, not worries (+2 Charisma, +6 Gentle)

Hard Working Soldier – Meet at the Lake

  • It’s her choice at the end of the day (+15 Gentle)
  • My daughter should be a knight! (+12 Brave)
  • There are many paths in life, I’ll support anything she does (+10 Gentle, +5 Kind)

Day 5

Ashbell – Meet at the Tavern

  • I hope she can be brave (+15 Brave)
  • I hope she can be smart (+15 Intelligental)
  • I hope she can be kind (+15 Gentle)

Noble Child – Meet at the Tavern

  • Papa supports you! (+15 Brave)
  • Why don’t you befriend him? (+15 Kind)
  • Lets go home and i’ll tutor you on mathematics (+15 Intelligental)

Stray Dog – Meet at the Lake

  • Bathe the puppy (+15 Kind)
  • Feed the puppy (+7 Brave, +7 Kind)
  • Play with the puppy (+15 Gentle)

Sentimental Soldier – Meet at the Lake

  • This one also adds +2 of either Stamina, Mind, or Charisma. I would again recommend selecting this based on which of those stats you want as you can reach 100 without this one.
  • Prove it with your sword! (+2 Stamina, +6 Brave)
  • There is war where there are people (+2 Mind, +6 Intelligental)
  • Your love is priceless (+2 Charisma, +6 Gentle)


Hope this was helpful! Just wanted to note that I got these numbers running through the doting father path.

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