VRChat – Basic Guide

This guide will go over the basics over VRChat and how to start off in the game!

Everything You Need To Know

To access the menu simply hit ESC, now you will see everything needed to navigate VRChat!


In the worlds tab you will see a variety of sub-sections to navigate through, from the hottest worlds to the newest. If you’re looking to make friends quick i’d recommend worlds such as The Black Cat, its always a hot spot there.

Here you can also find game worlds and avatar worlds. The game worlds are super fun and often very creative! Avatar worlds are a great way to customise your look and find a look that suits you, everything from meme avatars to cute avatars.

If you want to find the newest creations head on down to the ‘New’ tab just at the bottom.


In this section you can view your avatar and see your favourited avatars. To favourite an avatar simply go the avatar tab and look below the avatar, you’ll see 3 buttons. Click the ‘favourite’ and now you’ll have the chosen avatar saved.


This tab will display your friends and people who are currently in your world. To make friends click ‘esc’ and then click on the person you’d like to add. You’ll see an ‘Add friend’ button.

You’ll also find your online and offline friends here.


Now this is an important tab so pay attention! This tab allows you to set what you’d like to see from players at the different ranks. Go to shield level ‘Custom’, and here you can click the different ranks and turn features on or off depending on what you’d like to see. Personally i have everything on apart from ‘lights and particles’ and ‘custom animations’ for all ranks except friends which have everything on. Depending on your PC you might also want to turn off shaders.

Now go ‘Performance options’ in the top corner and click on Dynamic Bones. Unclick the box! Now avatars wont look so stiff and will move freely.


Click this button to go back to your homeworld. To set a homeworld simply find a world that you like and hen click ESC, go to the worlds tab and then click the button next to ‘You are in’ at the top. Now you’ll see the world details, you’ll see buttons on the side, click ‘make home world’. Now when you spawn into VRChat you’ll be in your homeworld!


Click this button if you’re stuck in a world or if it’s buggy, you’ll respawn back at the start of the world.


This tab is for VR users.


Another important tab!! This is to configure your settings in game.

  • Comfort and safety – I personally have everything unchecked. You might want to turn personal space on if it bothers you when other players clip into you and you can see it. Turning it on makes it so you cant see this.
  • Mouse – Change this to whatever is most comfortable for you.
  • Voice options – Here you can decide if you want to toggle voice or have it detect automatically. I have mine set to Toggle so when i want to talk i use click V and then when im done i click V again.
  • Other options – This stuff is down to personal preference, I have Tooltips on and everything else off.
  • Audio volume – Again, down to what works for you so test this one out.
  • Microphone – This can be used to see if your mic is working and to change it if needed.

You will also find Key bindings at the top.


This tab will let you set what UI you want to be displayed. I’d leave it on default.


This will let you take screenshots, panoramas and VRChive panoramas


Here is where you will find your animations! Some avatars will have custom emotes, they can be fun so keep an eye out! Just click on the emote you wish to do to perform it.


Here you will find emojis, just click on the one you like and it should project out if you.


So that covered the menu but what else do i need to know, i hear you ask. Heres some more useful info.

  • Click the R button to bring up a quick menu where you can easily access emotes and emojis.
  • Click Z to sit down, some avatars have custom sitting animations.
  • Click C to crouch.
  • Click Shift to run while walking.
  • Click Shift + any key F1 – F8 to see some facial expressions!

Most worlds will have a mirror so you can see yourself, also most worlds will have a video player!

To search worlds go the worlds tab and then then the search bar, to search for a friend go to the social tab and then the search bar.

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