Wanna Survive – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

You don’t need to keep everyone well-fed all the time.

  • Survivors with 1 HP left will enter starvation and are going to die the next time they’re not fed.
  • The most efficient method is to feed only the one that’s about to starve to death.
  • But if you play well enough, you can feed everyone every other day.

Zombies need to grab first before they can bite!

  • You can line up melee survivors next to each other or with objects to ensure only one zombie can grab them. Some locations also have indestructible objects, make use of them.


  • You don’t need to always push the struggling survivor out of the zombie’s way. You can push them into the zombie, hurting the zombie.
  • The range characters who cannot attack while struggling can also push the zombie away. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • You can use another survivor to push the slow-walking survivor forward so they can reach their destination faster.
  • You can also push crates or barrels into a certain spot and make your defense line better.
  • The dog is a unique one that instead of pushing, it can pull. This allows you to drag objects closer to your defense line instead of risking a survivor going to the front and dying. It can also traverse over obstacles with ease, letting it drag the object to the preferable spot faster than any other survivors.

Friendly Fire

  • Be mindful of the shotgun spread shot. Pushing a survivor into another survivor will hurt them. There will be a damaged display before you commit any action. Zombies will also attack the gas cylinder that is in the way between them and the survivor and blow themselves up. Stay away from the explosion range.

Farming crates for supplies

Some crates will drop coins or food when you destroy them. You can abuse this by killing all zombies but leaving one alive. Then keep pushing the last zombie while the other scavenge crates (This can’t be done in the stages where you have to run for obvious reasons. It is also better to leave them intact in those stages to slow the zombies down).

Aim for perfection

The game rewards you 3 extra coins for completing the stage with no one taking damage. So you should always try to beat the level flawlessly. Don’t be afraid to use those coins when you mess up. If you beat the level without taking damage, you also won’t have to spend extra food to heal them. You could even go as far as starting a new game a few times to farm these coins (They carry over between save files) to ensure you have enough of them for the really difficult stages.

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