WannaMine – Tip on Getting Win 50 Times Achievement

It will take at least 2hours to get all the achievements in game as there is 1 achievement which requires you to play/idle for 2 hours.

Introduction & Controls

So basically you play as a pink virus who is infiltrating the CPU.

  • The controls are either WASD or Arrow Keys.
  • It is a non-stop movement and you unlock the other (level) achievements by following the yellow pathway and reaching the CPU.
  • You must not touch the red walls. If you touched a red wall you will go back to your starting point.
  • For the [120 Minutes] Achievement, you will need to run the game for 120 minutes, either in minimized mode or fullscreen mode works fine. (Can confirm works in minimized mode)
  • Once you hit the 2 hour mark, go to your game and the achievement should pop up

[Win 50 times] Achievement

It is very straightforward, basically you have to clear any level 50 times in total.

And the easiest way to do so is by re-playing [level 1] 32 times. (As you will need to play & clear the other stages to obtain all the achievements. i.e. clearing level 1 to level 18)

  • Advisable to use Macro, else it can also be done manually:
    [Click Level 1] > [Press right arrow key once] > [Press Esc when reached Level 2] & repeat.

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