War Hospital – Chapter 2 Unplayable

How to Fix Second Chapter

Go to:

  • C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Brave Lamb Studio\War Hospital\Steam\[Numbers]

In there you got the save files, which are likely 200mb+ fat files for no reason what so ever.

Create a temporary folder and move the files named “state”-something, like “state1.bl” “state2.bl” etc. into the new folder, then start the game and click chapters and start from the beginning of chapter 2, and enjoy the high fps/quick load times.

If you were to create a new save file after doing this it’ll end up a more normal 500kb or thereabouts and the game seems to load data from all existing save files causing it to run like crap. I recon you got to do the same for Chapter3.

Created by Tamazin

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