War Thunder – How to Land Properly in Arcade

Landing in Arcade Mode

The Useless Option

Disable this setting:

  • Controls>Instructor>Auto-restricts control of the plane near ground

It’s an useless option that basically takes control of your plane whenever you’re close to the ground, making it somewhat harder to land.

How to Land

Remember to not face too down otherwise you’ll break your propeller

Whenever you want to stop on an airfield, turn off the engine and use your brakes to slow down, preferably around 250/300 km/h (155/186 mph) in the air and lower your flaps with F. When you reach 150 km/h (93 mph) be careful to not flip yourself, just let go the brakes for a sec and face up in the sky, you landed, congrats.

If you need to quickly get an airfield, your speed needs to slow down around 370 km/h (230 mph) and then don’t slow down on the airfield, take your space that you need and fly off.

Created by Attisalva

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