Warframe – Archarbor Secret Room Guide

Guide to unlock and solve the puzzle within the Archarbor in Duviri.


Note: Credit goes to [VJSZ]THOMAS

You’re probably flying around the Archarbor and thinking: “What the heck is this room and how do I enter? There’s no elevator and I can’t get throught the bars with my fat horse!”

Well… I know the answer. I did it first in the Joy spiral, then repeated the entire thing for the screenshots in Envy. But you can do it in any spiral, just keep in mind that mine is green because of the current cycle.

Step 1: Open the Cave Entrances

The platform around the Archarbor has three corners, in these corners you find large consoles that you can interact with.

Doing so opens the doors leading to the little caves under the square. You may not find anything interesting there other than a few plants and collectables but the next thing will be more interesting.

Step 2: Thrax Statues

At the same three places you’ll find Thrax statues, one near to each console.

If you walk close to them, you can push the little handles on them to turn the statues around by 90 degrees.

We need all three statues to face the tower in the middle.

Step 3: Final Statue

In one of the caves (the one close to the bridge), you’ll find another console you can activate, which reveals a fourth statue, that turns to the “window” facing the tower.

Step 4: Empty Drums

Congratulations! The room is unlocked. Now what?

Oh, right! The puzzle itself.

You’ll find a bunch of drums, cans, barrels (or whatever they are… I will call them drums for the sake of simplicity) with symbols. To change the symbol in said drums, you need to shoot the spinning coin-like thingy inside of it. On the wall there’s a line of symbols which you will copy to complete the puzzle but first… you need to free some of the coins.

There are some drums that are missing their coins, so you can hardly interact with them right now. So let’s find the missing ones!

First one trapped inside a bush, glowing. Shoot it until it’s free!

Then grab it and throw it (mouse 3 or 5 on default) at one of the empty drums.

Second one is hanging from a rope. Shoot it at the point where my crosshair is in this screenshot. Then repeat the throwing part.

Third one is opened by shooting the top part that glows.

Fourth coin is hidden in an unused drum that will break open if you push its holding pillar.

Some drums are closed. To open them you either shoot the button on their lid, or you may find stone on the floor you have to step on. There’s one that opens by shooting at another drum that has a spinning coin in it.

Step 5: Visible Symbols

Now that all is assembled and ready to spin, let’s start solving this thing.

The symbols are on the wall in no particular order (it’s random, so they won’t be the same as mine). You may want to start with the two drums further to the left, and the two further to the right. Their corresponding symbols are the one that can be fully seen on the wall.

Mine were O, U, E and V. Pretty easy at this point. Just cycle the symbols by shooting them.

Be careful not to get fried by the ones that glow in purple… those little bastards can shoot back.

Step 6: Hidden Symbols

Out of the remaining four symbols you can only see a little line. Still… some of them are not hard to figure out, X for example is easy to recognize because you are seeing the middle of each symbols.

Or you may keep scrolling until it works.

You’ll know if it works because as soon as you complete it, the owl will throw a pile of loot at you.

Loot and Rewards

The rewards are all kinds of Duviri resources, a decree and Enigma Gyrum.

I was lucky enough to get the main blueprint for the Cinta on my first try, however it is not a guaranteed drop.


  • Open the caves.
  • Turn the statues around.
  • Activate the final statue.
  • Reassemble the drums.
  • Visible symbols, left 2 drums, right 2 drums.
  • Remaining symbols are hidden, cycle until it’s good.
  • Don’t die.
  • Owl, gimme loot!

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