Warframe – Beginner’s Guide to Movement and Traversal

You’re fresh out of bed and your Space Mom is sending you on errands throughout the Solar System. If you’ve come across any fellow Tenno, some who have been awake for far longer than you, you’ve probably noticed something about them. They’re fast. Super fast! I’m talking ludicrous speed! Agile, too. Bouncing off the walls and doing gymnastics in the air, while still being combat effective. You may have asked yourself if you’ll ever be that fast. The answer is yes. In fact, you’re already that fast. You just need to master the game’s unique movement system. Space Parkour is the way to travel. Tenno don’t walk.

Movement and Traversal

So Why Do You Slide?

First, let’s talk about sliding. To slide, simply hit the crouch key while running forward or sprinting. At first this seems to only serve two purposes: sliding under obstacles, and looking badass. The truth is, your slide is your key to Space Parkour. Your goal should be to learn how to seamlessly combine your various movement abilities, and most combos begin and end with a slide. This is because if you jump while sliding, you do a “bullet-jump”. The bullet-jump makes you do a barrel roll and increases your forward momentum. Bullet-jumping is the main mechanic in this game’s movement system. When bullet jumping, you will jump in the direction you are aiming. So if you want to jump high, aim straight up, if you want to jump towards an enemy, aim at the enemy. Then, when you’re falling, do not just land on your feet. The impact will slow you down and break your flow of momentum. Always slide, or roll, as you hit the ground. Sliding upon landing is also a good habit to get into for when you’re using the most common movement combo, which I’ll get to later.

You’ve Got to Roll Me

Rolling can serve as a valuable tool in combat to dodge enemy attacks, but its true power is the acceleration it provides. To roll, you just tap your sprint key. You can roll no matter what you’re doing, and that includes falling/gliding. You can also roll in any direction, not just forward. Rolling as you hit the ground is a great way to accelerate past dangerous encounters, or to just help maintain your momentum. You can also roll in the opposite direction in which your character is facing, which will make you do a backflip. It’s a good idea to roll when you need to make a sharp change in direction, since Warframe’s level design is often quite maze-like. Since rolling always accelerates your movement, using a roll in mid-air is a great way to increase your distance on any long jump.

Learning to Glide

That brings me to aim-gliding. When you Aim Down Sights while in the air, it slows your fall and allows you to glide. It’s a fun way to feel like a badass, so aim-gliding whenever possible is advised. The aim-glide will allow you far greater control over your movement. Use it to navigate your way through the air. It will slow your fall down enough that with some practice you’ll be able to land precisely where you want to, precisely when you want to.


Don’t forget you can jump and climb almost every wall you see! Get creative, look for parts of the environment you can bounce off of. Bouncing off the environment will reset your ability to double jump or bullet jump, so use the map to your advantage in order to maintain your momentum by chaining movement combos together. You can also use your ADS button to stick to a wall and use it as an ambush spot for a short time.

Double Up, Baby

Double jumping is a bit trickier. Sure, in theory double jumping is simple and is a decades old mechanic. However, in Warframe, learning to use your double jump properly can drastically improve your parkour skills. This is because, after a normal jump, if you hit your crouch key while in the air your second jump can be a bullet jump. While most players get the hang of bullet jumping as their first jump rather quickly, it definitely takes some practice to bullet jump as your second jump. This can be useful when moving past certain obstacles. For example, sometimes you’ll be jumping up a wall and you’ll bump into part of the ledge which is sticking out, preventing you from jumping straight up. The best thing to do is jump off of the wall below the ledge, then when you’re falling away from the wall, bullet jump up past the ledge.

Jump up the wall.

Jump away from the wall to clear the obstacle.

Bullet-Jump up and over the obstacle.

Come On and Slam

One of the game’s newer movement options is the aimed ground-slam. When in the air, simply aim at a spot on the ground and hit your melee button. You will quickly slam the ground at that spot. It does have to be at a downward angle though, so it’s not always your optimal traversal option, but it is a great way to transition from movement into combat. Hitting your heavy attack button will do a more powerful slam which can knock enemies into the air.

Learn by Doing

Say you’ve got a lot of open space in front of you, and you want to cover ground as fast as possible. Here’s a common combo you should practice. Sprint into a slide, while sliding aim at an upward angle and bullet jump , you can double-jump for a little extra height if necessary, then aim down sights to glide, roll in mid-air to gain speed, and slide again before you hit the ground. As you hit the ground, you’re already sliding, so you can immediately jump again to bullet-jump and start the combo over. If you dont hit any obstacles, you can chain this combo endlessly. I know it sounds complicated, but try it out, take it at your own pace. It’ll eventually click with you.

The key to mastering this movement system is really just to have fun with it. Try out your own combos, play around a bit. If you’re having fun with the parkour, it will only be a matter of time until it becomes second nature to you. In fact, once you’ve mastered Space Parkour, any game that doesn’t have bullet-jumping will feel like you’re moving with cinder blocks on your feet.

Happy hunting.

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