Warframe – Excalbur Umbra Best Build 2020

Not a perfect build, but good enough to kill level 170s easily with just Exalted blade build. Want something else that is more interesting? Got another build for ya for Radial Javelin or RJ. Although RJ got nerfed so long ago, it is great for some decent Defense missions.

What You Will Need

These are just recommended items to use for the 2 builds I have for you here. It isn’t mandatory, but highly recommended:

  • Arcane Strike and Arcane Fury

Not recommended to use 2 Strikes or Furies because the stacks are diminished.

Radial Javelin (RJ) Build

This build great in low level defense – mid level defense. So Lith – meso. Maybe Neo if you got at least a buffer in your team or debuffer.

A little backstory on this on a regular Excalibur. So When I started Warframe, this was my very first warframe, and build. So it has sentimental value to me and as a result. No changes to its build at all. At the time RJ was pretty solid. So it is pretty obvious no Umbral mods on this. You can change it to whatever you see fit, but this build itself is solid enough to get the job done.

Exalted Blade (EB) Build

This build can kill level 170s easily. So imagine using this just on level 90s…

The Video Showcase

This video explains everything about the builds as well as a showcase of the gameplay demo of each build. The reasons behind my choices and such. There are also timestamps for those that don’t care about RJ and want to go for Exalted Blade instead.

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Created by Stone Cold T

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