Warframe – Fix Ingame Stuttering when Loading Into an Area

This guide was made for people who are experiencing huge lags pikes when first loading in some assets. Due to DE turning off shader caching there have been people having some huge lag spikes when loading into a area.

Fix Ingame Stuttering when Loading Into an Area [Nvidia]

Fix #1

  • Go to your Nvidia control panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings -> Select Warframe.x64.exe -> Shader Cache to OFF.

(Note: This might fix the stuttering issues or might not. For me the stuttering is still the for 3 sec when the game starts but right after there is very minimal to no stuttering at all. Either way for me its way better then before.)

Fix #2

This may not work for all but you can also try and downgrade your graphics drivers to 442.74. Some people have reported that going back to this version fixed the problem completely.

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