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Hello there so you want to know how rivens work and prices? Very good in this guide I will try to explain!

Checking the Riven

Note: Credit goes to Astolfo

So you want to get platinum from your riven right?

Lets see what is the riven for is it melee, secondary, primary, zaw or even kitgun.

First what you want to know about that gun is how good it is?

And is it popular? Like kuva bramma, redeemer…


There is a lot of guns so expect not every riven to be sold people buy rivens for the popular guns.

Like kuva bramma, rubico, and more with good stats.

Also people are buying “unrolled rivens” so that means not a single roll but price will be smaller then the good stats. Popular guns can reach from 200-1500 platinum but if that gun gets nerfed the price drops.

Now to the actually price stuff.

Disposition most of the popular guns goes from 3 to 1 disposition if you get riven that has 4-5 disposition its not popular.

Fulmin disposition.

And here is paris disposition.

Fulmin unrolled riven is about 150-200 platinum Easy to sell. Paris unrolled riven is about 20-50 platinum Hard to sell.


I recommend you to roll only good, popular weapons or the weapon you like to use.

Because rolls costs kuva and kuva cost a lot of time. For kuva farming it’s best to have resourse booster to get decent amount of kuva do kuva survivals or abritations then with vitus essence you can trade them for kuva in the relay with the arbiters of hexis.


For example you get redeemer riven that means you just hit the jackpot.Why ? Redeemer is best melee for heavy attacks and you want to roll that and try to get DMG CC CD also -neg.

Also you can sell it for a lot to if you only get CC and DMG.

So how much is this riven worth?

  • If it has DMG CC CD -neg this will be around 1000-1500 platinum.
  • If it has DMG CC -neg this will be around 500-1200 platinum.
  • If CC CD -neg this will be 700-1300 platinum.

(Note prices can change)

If you get riven on any sniper the best stats are these MS CC CD -zoom. That will make the riven from 1200-1500platinum.

For primary CC CD MS or DMG and ofcourse depends on the weapon lets say you got riven on fulmin you can sell it unrolled for about 100-200 platinum or roll for good stats lets say CC CD DMG -neg. About 500-700 platinum.

Melee rivens people are buying for redeemer so melee is only for youself or trying to sell with good stats.

Kitguns people anre only buying Catchmoon rivens. CC CD DMG or MS. About 100-250 platinum. No one buys rivens for other kitguns (well atleast i see no one buying).

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